Style Your Hair According To Your Face Type

Style Your Hair According To Your Face Type

Your hairstyle or haircut should make you feel good about yourself, make you feel confident and undefeatable. Your tresses are an important part of your personality so don't downplay the effect they have on how you look. We bring to you're a few guidelines and safe haircuts that would suit your face, but at the end of the day, your fabulousness comes from within you.

Round face

Most girls prefer to camouflage their round face instead of flaunting it because they believe it draws too much attention. So in cases like those, you should opt for long hair since the length will give the illusion of a longer face. You could either choose a straight cut like Mila Kunis or a multi layered haircut, but remember to keep them long. If you are going to get layers then avoid short layers, rather go for layers near your chin and collar bones.


Oval face

You're basically in the safe zone with an oval face. You can go short, long, bangs, almost anything looks good on this type of face cut. The best haircut for you is however, a mixed layer. Keep your length long but get short layers along your cheekbones and collar. It always seals the deal.


Heart shaped face

A heart shaped face is when you have a broad forehead and your face tapers down to a small chin. You probably have a hard time picking a hairstyle. You can go for just above-your-shoulder length hair with bangs. But make sure that your bangs aren't too short. Choose the kind that are short in the middle and then tapers out to long side bangs near the end of your eyebrows.


Square face

Square faces are hard to find but they are the most photogenic and graceful faces. For example, Megan fox has a typical square face cut. Ironed hair look best on this type of face, go for long layers that end a little below your shoulders. You look bet with parted hair, as they fall on both sides of your face gracefully and draw emphasis on your defined cheekbones.


Long face

A long face is a slightly more elongated version of an oval face. Your aim is to add width to your face. So your ideal hairstyle would be short hair that end somewhere between your chin and your shoulder. You could also opt for curls since it will add volume and make your look slightly round. Do not under any circumstances get short layers, you could also try a long bob. A bob which is longer in the front and shorter at the back will suit you well.