Trending Oddiyanam Designs that we love!

Trending Oddiyanam Designs that we love!

Oddiyanam is an attractive belt like jewellery adorned by women to keep the saree intact. It is usually used during weddings, especially south-Indian weddings. There are many types of Oddiyanams, like diamond, temple or kemp, gold, modern, and many, many more! Oddiyanams come in different shapes and designs. The traditional Oddiyanam is usually designs of Indian gods or one of the favourites the manga design. The more modern oddiyanams are usually beautiful designs made with Diamonds, Emeralds and other expensive stones. Antique Nagas oddiyanam made for the traditional bride! Most of these oddiyanams are usually made with a symbol of god. Even though it is one of the oldest types of oddiyanams', it is still one of the most popular forms of oddiyanams!

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Gold, emerald and rubies never looked this good together! This type of oddiyanam is usually worn with a traditional saree, like the 9 yards saree. It looks best with a red or green saree.

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Flawless diamond oddiyanam that you can never take your eyes off of! Oddiyanams like these are usually worn during the reception for a grand look. Diamonds go with all types of sarees, it is after all a woman's best friend!

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Gorgeous kemp oddiyanam that looks beautiful with any saree! Kemp jewellery is also used for traditional dance programs. It is very elegant and comes in many designs, both traditional and modern.


Beautiful uncut diamond oddiyanam for the next bride! Usually paired with a gold setting, it is one of the most popular stones used in making jewellery.