7 Bridal Looks To Sport This Wedding Season

7 Bridal Looks To Sport This Wedding Season

These days, we see brides experimenting on their looks at their weddings! Gone are the days when they stuck to their traditional wear only. Now, we have brides wearing a mix of dresses from various cultures. South Indian brides wear Lehengas and evening gowns for their reception. Gone are the days of the traditional Red Saree. We have brides wearing bright yellows, deep purple and bottle greens! We at Shopzters bring to you, a few bridal choices, which are a little different and yet the same for any bride-to-be.

The Make-up is done by Reena Paiva. In the words of Reena Paiva, " A lot of thought went into each of these looks ,the colour palette that I used contained a lot of dull gold,muted reds,beige and tangerine with a touch of gloss n shimmer. This season is all about Individuality ; that is to creafe a uniqueness for every Bride to be!

These beautiful looks are styled by Paon Mitra Designer Studio, Chennai. The Hairstylist is Gopinath. Photography is done by Ganesh Toasty.

  1. The Classic Christian Bride! Every bride dreams of her wedding gown, and this one is made of dreams! The beautiful off-white gown is enhanced by a lace Applique on the bust. The look is complete by a string of pearls on the neck and pearl bobs on the ears. The side fringe compliments the tiara and the veil just gives that magical bride-y touch! This is a look where nothing can go wrong!photo_2016-08-19_11-06-07

  2. The Maharani Bride! One look at this look (pun intended) tells you that she is no ordinary bride, she is royal. The two shades of red co-exist in harmony and the small star like beads give it a whimsical touch. The green appliques stitched across the saree and the border give us a break from all the red and this look is enhanced, thanks to the rose gold veil! The jewellery is absolutely spot-on, with the choker, the jhumkas and the maang tika. The make-up is kept classy by highlighting her two best features, her eyes and her lips.photo_2016-08-19_11-06-02

  3. The lady in the Rose Gold Gown! This chic gown is apt for a bride at her reception, or even for a bridesmaid! The hair is perfectly taken behind and curled onto one side, to give a no hassle look. The gown is complimented by minimal but statement jewellery, thanks to the neckpiece and the chandelier ear-rings. The makeup is just right, by giving just a shimmer on the eyelids and giving a shimmering pink on the lips.photo_2016-08-19_11-05-45

  4. The Golden Goddess! For any quintessential Muslim bride, the pasha is a must! The heavy veil is matched with the heavy jewellery that is very much necessary for this grand look! One can't help but notice the huge dash of pink, which both grounds and elevates this look by keeping it young and feminine. Highlighting her beautiful eyes and her pouty lips is smart work by the Make-up artist!13669459_590298797815043_7954172870330712786_o

  5. The traditional Bride! Any South Indian bride would love this look! The yellow orange Saree with the red all over it is matched with the perfect blouse. The work on the blouse is just right and it matches with the jewellery worn by our bride. We love the entire ensemble, especially the bindi!13908836_588943827950540_4149528832305038368_o

  6. The cross cultural Bride! Lehenga's are the in thing these days and we see a lot of brides opting for them. This one is very good and will surely catch a lot of eyeballs! For brides looking for understated elegance, this should be the one they could try. This might not look flashy, but the amount of work done on the skirt and the neck of her blouse is obvious. We love the two layered maang tika, the nose ring and the cuffs instead of bangles. As the neck has a lot of work, the styling of adding just a huge neckpiece is pretty smart. An amazing look indeed!13914095_588454484666141_3439760261057036002_o

  7. The bold bride! As we were saying, brides do not necessarily go for Red or her sisters as their choice of color for the muhurtham saree. This bride has chosen an ink blue saree and it looks wow! The Manga Jewellery is very traditional and very apt for this look. We love the thalaisaamaan and the huge jumkas with the maatals. The look is complete thanks to the shade of pink on her lips and that thick coat of eye liner!13925688_588883421289914_7693972430621656931_o