The Heads Over Heels Love Story Of Jasmeen And Ravi

Mystic Studios recently shot a beautiful South meets North wedding in Delhi! While the groom is from Kolahpur, Karnataka, the bride is from Punjab! Ravi : Ravi (Shankar) comes from a big, fun-loving family settled in Kolhapur, the city known for its spicy cuisine (explains his love for spicy foods!). Being the naughtiest kiddo in the family; he has grown into a sincere son, caring brother and an affectionate 'mama'. He always goes out of his way to help keep the, smile on everyone's face. As his friends rightfully say, he has a heart of gold! 12695074_1099991783367874_3027547412756101877_o
Jasmeen: Born in a sweet Sikh family in a small town of Amalner where she is adored by her parents, aunt, elder sister and younger brother. Not just a best friend to her sister she also is a guardian to her little brother. She's always has everyone's best interest at her heart. Little known fact about her is that she is a disciplinary person at home because of which no one dares to take 'punga' with her. 12716446_1099991513367901_2909710918006811787_o 12719400_1099991216701264_5586963559257683940_o
First Meeting: Their paths first crossed when they were enrolled into same GRE prep tuition during 2005. For the entire duration of tuition they, were strangers sitting in the same classroom. Since this did not work their way, destiny played, another direct card, and got them recruited into same first job where they greeted each other for the first time and embarked on the journey of friendship.. 12716025_1099991560034563_1138573106973906204_o. The Journey of Friendship : Pune, the city of great food, entertainment and culture, groomed them into best of friends. They both aspired to continue learning through higher studies, which led them to apply for Master's program in USA. They still cherish the moment when they both got admit letters from UFL and decided to be a part of "GATOR NATION!"... Bidding good bye to families was the toughest part but somewhere they knew they had each other. They flew together and landed into the city of Gainesville, FL. Master's program was a roller coaster ride for them, but at the end of it awaited a sweet deal, a new job, to their surprise same employer once again :) :). 12715985_1099989936701392_6148960835500388277_o First Separation  Realization of Love: Software job didn't entice her too long and she decided to move to Portland following her DREAM job. After a long time they were separated. Staying apart hit them hard emotionally and that's when they realized what they had was more than friendship. 12710971_1099990560034663_7503556732706306403_o The Proposal: One fine morning he woke up and flew to west coast, longest flight of his life he claims :). Knocked on her door and proposed. She didn't say YES, but she didn't say NO too !! He went back to east coast with heavy heart. A few days went by and this time he got a knock on his door. It was what he was waiting for so long, "YES".Merry time began! He moved to west coast. 12657231_1099990643367988_4227488695822446226_o The Love Journey Begins here: They realized even a few miles distance was too much and they decided to move to same city, City of Portland OR! They are truly blessed to have a loving family in India and extended family of amazing friends at home away from home in Portland. As the exciting new phase of their life began, they looked forward to the presence of their near and dear in joining them celebrate one of the cherished occasions of their lifetime. They are happily married.. 12694762_1099991710034548_4906598153843546592_o 12695074_1099991056701280_7845039115643070277_o 12697270_1099991806701205_5904056292181191804_o