How to Style Your Child for a Traditional Indian Wedding

How to Style Your Child for a Traditional Indian Wedding with Shopzters

Wedding season in India is a time to ensure one looks the best, regardless of age! With so many amazing Children's ethnic wear for weddings, choosing the best outfit for them can be confusing, especially when their comfort has to be the primary concern. 

Kids' fashion has grown significantly in the last few years. With the impact of social media, trends in kids' fashion are also constantly evolving. For parents, kids are their crowning glory, and you want to make sure that your little one is dressed best for the occasion. 

Kids look adorable in their little wedding outfits. The key to choosing the best Traditional Indian outfits for kids is finding designs that suit their personality and comfort level.

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Here’s a complete guide for you on styling children for Indian weddings, from picking the right traditional outfit, accessories, and hairstyles to cute little footwear for your little one to make them stand out from the crowd

Trends in Kids' Wedding Attire

  1. Fusion Wear: Blending traditional and modern styles, attires for kids bring a fun vibe to the clothes
  2. Bright Colours: Kids look adorable in playful patterns and loud happy colours!
  3. Matching Outfits: Many families match outfits with their kids to make their enjoy dressing up more fun. 
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Choosing the Perfect Traditional Outfit

Dressing up kids for traditional ceremonies is fun! Which cultural or religious wedding you attend can help you choose what outfit to wear with your little one! For example, you can choose a smart Sherwani for a North Indian wedding for your dashing little boy or an adorable pre-stitched saree for that South Indian wedding look for your beautiful daughter

Accessories to Complete the Look

Accessories can help your kid's outfit look more put together. 

  1. Jewellery For girls, minimal jewellery works best. A small maang tika, bangles, or even a pair of earrings will charm their outfit.
  2. Footwear: It is crucial to choose the right children's footwear for Indian weddings. For girls, traditional juttis or ballet flats in matching colours are a good choice. Boys can wear mojaris or traditional sandals.
  3. Headpieces Flower tiars or headbands add a touch of charm to a girl's outfit. Boys can wear a small turban or a decorated cap. 

Children's Wedding Hairstyle Ideas

Let’s face it, your kid’s hairstyle will probably last for an hour. Rather than spending hours on the perfect hairstyle, why not choose a more comfortable choice where your kid can run around and play and you don't have to worry about them messing up your hardwork. 

  1. A simple braid or loose curls will ensure your little girl. You can add a few beautiful hairpins or flowers to give them that adorable traditional look 
  2. A Neat Bun for your girl will ensure her hair is in place, and adorning it with a garland of flowers will give that beautiful traditional look. 
  3. For your dashing young man, combing their hair back will make them look smart and put together. 
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Tips for Dressing Up Kids for Traditional Ceremonies

  1. Comfort is Key: Ensure that comfort is important in whatever outfit you choose for your little one. Make sure the outfits are not too loose or too tight.
  2. Test Run: To avoid any mishaps, make your kid try the outfit a day before the wedding and let them be in it for a couple of hours to judge their comfort level in the ensemble
  3. Layer Wisely: Weddings can be long events, and the weather is unpredictable. Ensure you dress them according to the weather and the event type. 
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Styling children for Indian weddings can be a lot of fun! Don't stress about it. Choose outfits for your kids that will make them feel comfortable, and they are not cranky by the end of the function. By choosing the right outfits, accessories and shoes, your kid will thank you ten years later for making sure you dressed them for the occasion! Remember, the key is to balance tradition and comfort, making the celebration memorable for your child.