A Couple Wed By Destiny’s Design!

A Couple Wed By Destiny’s Design!

Big sisters are always right and when supported by destiny they are indomitable! This is true in Sravya’s case. Anjan was Sravya’s sister’s boarding schoolmate and her sister used to carpool with him occasionally. When Sravya’s sister met Anjan after her wedding in the US, she immediately thought that he was the perfect match for her sister. When they informed a common family friend about it, things started moving. The next thing she remembers is saying yes to her fiancé with whom she spoke for over a month. And she candidly adds that Anjan said yes immediately.

Sravya admits that she hates shopping but luckily she has her mom Kavitha gutta, the owner of Golden threads guiding her in her wedding shopping and every step of the way. Every saree she wore on her wedding day was designed by her mom and hand-woven accordingly by weavers in Kanchipuram. She wore a silver tissue saree and a golden red rustic saree for her wedding. She fondly appreciates her mom’s boutique artisans who worked over night to make embroidered designer blouses for her sarees. Her reception lehenga and Anjan’s kanchi blazer, formal wear and panchakacham was also designed by her mom.


Sravya says that her whole wedding day was a blur but the best part was a small mehandi function they had for close friends and family. She recollects her most embarrassing moment to be her solo dance performance, where she forgot all the steps that she practiced. She explains her favourite moment to be the couple dance she and Anjan performed together. She laughs off saying that their dance was an ok performance, where her bad dancing was balanced by Anjan’s cool dance moves. She says “It was fun to dance together and we connected so much making it the most memorable part of our wedding”.

She also mentions that the fun part of the wedding was the ring search game, where the tension of the game was reflected on the groom and bride’s friends and relatives in the photos and videos.

A happy bride is a beautiful bride! And this bride has so much to say about the stigma of diet and weight loss. Sravya is a person who supports body positivity and is against the pressure that every bride faces to be the slimmest during her big day. She says that she stopped working out and enjoyed all the homemade food. She did put on a few pounds but was her happiest and most relaxed during the entire phase. We personally believe that more brides must follow her mantra and be happy in their own skin.

Jewellery – Tibarumals jewelers, Vittaldas and Padmavathi jewelers

Make up – Lucky from Hyderabad

Caterer – A1 conventional centre

Décor – Designed by her mother and sister and decorated by local workers

Sravya and Anjan chose Peru as their honeymoon spot. They hiked the Machu Picchu for 4 days and slept in the wilderness in the middle of nowhere. Though they had a strenuous journey, they believe that the destination was worth it and the lakes and glaciers in all their glory made it worthwhile.

Sravya now lives with her husband Anjan in San Jose close to her sister. She is very happy and is thankful to her sister for her match making skills which helped her meet the man of her dreams!