A Madurai Wedding With A Blend Of Two Cultures

A Madurai Wedding With A Blend Of Two Cultures

A cross cultural wedding has to be planned more meticulousy than the traditional ones. Divya Rachael did just that! Adherance to both the cultures does demand a lot of time. But Divya's wedding happened effortlessly, thanks to the wedding planners! Here's what she has to say about her wedding planning!

Hello everyone! My husband and I are both doctors. We both did our postgraduate together. I am a gynaecologist and he is a radiologist. We were good friends and we felt the bond could go on forever. I am a Christian and he's a Hindu. But lucky for us our families accepted and they were very supportive.

We had our wedding at Madurai. My wedding planners were Divya and Vithika from Bangalore for the Christian wedding at Madurai.
We had another Hindu style ceremony at my grooms place, Tirupathur near Vellore. They planned our wedding. They have a lovely team and planned the photography and decor. Photography was done by GK Vale from Bangalore.

They have a really efficient team. Ours was a huge wedding. 5000 guests attended. So everything required great planning.

I had a Sangeeth the day before the wedding. I chose a sea green indo western mermaid gown and my groom had a sherwani to match to that tone from Moksha in Chennai. We roped in DJ Pijosh from Radio One, Bangalore and DJ Harry from Bangalore for the event.

Our decor spoke freshness and spring with a blue and pink colour theme with mocktails and so much laughter in the air. The event was super fun. I loved our beautiful swing for the Sangeeth.My make up was done by Noor of @bridal-studio-noor# at chennai... He's a magician when it come to make up...

He gave me different looks for each occasion. And he sure does know what to do ..

Our wedding theme was white and yellow to represent brightness and summer. I wore a white gown and my bridesmaids were dressed in yellow.

My gown was made from Juno Marie wedding gowns from Chennai. It had a lovely long trail at the back and the reason I chose it was because a gown like that would make a bride feel really special and it surely did. or the reception.

I wanted my blouse to be a jewelled one and I chose the right place. @mana-design-studioclothing# did my wonderful jewelled blouse for the reception. My reception saree was pink and gold.I chose it because it was different from the routine ones. And it was a hit. It was from Kalaniketan at Kader Nawaz Khan road, Chennai.

Overall our special day was made happy and wonderful with everything put together. Thank you for everyone who was a part of it. Thanks to my planners because my parents were happy and relaxed. To all those getting married, make sure you have a blast!!