A Super Extravagant Coimbatore Wedding Of Recent Times

A Super Extravagant Coimbatore Wedding Of Recent Times

What would happen if two doctors decide to fall for each other and take vows to live as one? A beautiful event that marked the beginning of an extraordinary journey, Dr. Adityan Guhan talks to Shopzters about his extravagant wedding with such joy.

 I am Adityan Guhan, doctor by profession, experted in general medicine. My wife, Janani who also is pursuing her masters in Dermatology was introduced to me by our family and mutual friends. We first met before our engagement and happened to fall head over heels in love with each other. With the blessings of our loved ones, we were betrothed amidst 2500 people in a beautiful décor setting by Madhukrishnan. Our engagement covered a unique concept of having these seer thattus, designed by Jayashree from Sai Decors, filled with different types of Barbie dolls, Omega watches and Burberry handbags. We also surprised the bride by bringing a miniature of the all new Audi Q3 and presenting it to her on stage before unraveling the real one outside the hall. 

I wore a canali suit while Janani sported a Kancheepuram silk saree and a blouse designed by Maliboo.

After minutely planning for over 8 months from the day of engagement, my dad who is also a doctor specializing in Oncology insisted that we have two receptions. One for all the doctors and the other for friends and family. We were expecting about 8000 people a day.

@the-memory-writers# captured my engagement and wedding pictures in such a wondrous manner. Kumaran from Memory writers who also happens to be a very close friend of mine since kindergarten suggested having Murali from @vivahhika# as our decors. I happened to meet Murali for four months before my big day and decided on each and everything that is going to come on frame. Kudos to Murali and team, they converted an empty venue into a beautiful setting.

Right from my Sangeet till the d-day, @vivahhika# had been the team behind all that classy decors. With myself being a huge fanatic of elephants decided with  Murali in having our theme as that of the elephants with nothing but the elephants greys and beige all over the place. As a Naidu myself, we do not intend on having too many colours in one setting. Murali had done an amazing job in bringing out my dream into a vivid one. Whatever I mentioned has come to life right before my eyes. The pieces were classy, elegant, grand and a class apart all in a very subtle way. They had made half a dozen of small and huge elephants, each about 7 and 18 feet respectively. For every doctor who turned up that day with his/her family did not leave without a selfie amidst the decors. This event was yet another milestone for team Vivahika and I couldn’t thank them enough for their vivid rendition.

As a person who has a thirst for art and also a passion towards palaces, my unanimous choice towards designing my suits were @shantanu-nikhil-hyderabadclothing# along with Raghavendra Rathore. They designed every one of my outfits with patience and precision. For our Sangeet I wore a draped kurta gup while Janani wore a cranberry saree gown.

Samantha from @wink-unisex-salon# took care of all our makeover needs. Right from pre-bridal spa, till our d-day, she was with us with open hands. She beautiful brushed out magic from her makeup brush and made Janani look ravishing as ever with every costume she adorned.

For the first reception I wore a piece from Raghavendra Rathore’s shelves with a pair of shoes from LV matched with polo pants. Janani’s lehenga was designed by Jayanthi Reddy and everyone in the crowd can’t stop complimenting us.

We had Narayan Swamy from Mathampatti catering for the main courses, Gangotree, Chennai took over the snacks, chats and sweets while Baskin robbins was catering for all the special ice-creams that evening. We had an entertainment zone specially made for the guests to relax and play with astrology, traditional parrot josiyam and the like. We also had an excellent flute rendition for 4 hours straight, by flutist Vijay Prakash and troupe, “Moongil mozhigal” which consisted of 8 people.

 For the second reception which was for our family, I wore a dark blue hand woven outfit with a pair of coco pants combined with a pair of Porsche designed shoes, designed by @shantanu-nikhil-hyderabadclothing#. Janani dressed herself in one of Anish Agarwal’s finest gowns.

We had a live music troupe, “Agni” who perfect in African tribal drumming. A dance troupe named “Foot loose”, a musical band rendering vocals called “masala café” and a violinist Karthik Iyer from AR Rahman’s troupe performed for us and cleansed auras that evening.

After all the frenzy, here came our big day. Our wedding day we always looked forward to. It was a traditional wedding were I was wearing a Panja kacham designed by Mamas and Mamis from Trichy and a silk shirt by Raghavendra Rathore. Janani wore a traditional koora pattu from Varanasi and a hand woven blouse designed by @malibooclothing# with intricate metal works of Lord Balaji on it.

Being a vintage car collector, I loved the idea of having the bride and the groom entering the wedding place in a vintage car. How cool would that be with a dash of tradition and a scoop of vintage? From the temple gates till the entrance of the wedding hall we were brought in three different vintage cars leaving all the guests at awe.

Since my family is an ardent devotee of Lord Balaji we had a live sized statue of him in rosewood with about 8 ½ feet in size made by @vivahhika#. The value additions, floral work, a joola (Indian swing) for the bride and the groom, intricate floral work done by Vivahika were clean, classy and grand.   

After all the celebrations and grandeur, we needed a break. Maldives was our unanimous option for a carefree honeymoon. A private lagoon villa in the middle of the ocean for five days with a private jet-skiing took off all the exhaustion out of us.

Shopzters was introduced to me by my aunt who also is a doctor by profession. Shopzters has been of great help to me. Thank you guys for your constant support to all the to-be-weds.