An Exemplary Wedding Story Of Two Souls In Love

An Exemplary Wedding Story Of Two Souls In Love

We have heard of a lot many stories which are no less than a movie story and one such story is that of our bride Harinipriya. A story of love, romance and entertainment in apt proportion. Let’s read how our bride unfolds her story.


I was born and brought up at Coimbatore and was working at Cognizant where Arvind, then fiancé now my husband worked as a senior consultant. Ours was a love cum arranged marriage. Arvind and I met through matrimonial site and since we worked at same company we tried communicating to each other through company’s internal communicator. The funniest part is that one of my close friend initiated the conversation on my behalf. She texted him from my number and continued to talk. He reverted to the texts and then I continued talking to him through messenger. I was a bit hesitant at first but he made me feel quite comfortable. Those were some really beautiful days of our lives. We continued talking till late night. Then on June 15th  our families decided to meet at a temple. This was our first meeting and I was very nervous. Though the moment I saw him, I knew he was the one still I could not talk much and he kept asking me to talk whereas I kept blushing. After  our first meeting both families didn’t talk about it much.  Then on July 19th I proposed him on phone to which he didn’t revert the way I expected. He kept silent and I wondered what was taking him so long to say those magical words. Then our families got involved and on September 4 we had a “Salt exchanging function” at temple and there he proposed me and that is one moment I can never forget. Then our courtship period started and I must say there’s nothing like it. We began celebrating our special days together like our birthdays and exchanged a lot of gifts etc. I got him 3 cakes on his birthday and he presented me a diamond ring on diwali.

Then we started with our wedding preparations. Invitation cards  idea was given by my fiancé and his friend and were designed by ‘YaAliStudio. We sent CD’s as invitation cards. Then came the time for our Pre-wedding shoot which was shot at Ooty, pleasant and beautiful place with cool climate. It was one day shoot done by @studio-vaibhava# who are famous for unique editing of pictures and because of their friendly nature it was easy to discuss our personal ideas with them.

After our shoot came the time for my ‘Mehndi Function’ which was a small function at home with some close relatives. We called Azab Mehndi Artist for this function who did a wonderful job by being creative. On one hand he made groom coming on horse and on other bride coming to her husband. He wrote Arvind’s name on my palms and arvind had to search for it. It was a beautiful and memorable function for us.

Then came our wedding day and like every bride I was very conscious about my looks, weight, dresses and everything. But I maintained my calm and took things one by one.

To keep my skin and shape beautiful for “D day”.  I followed strict diet which included juices, healthy food etc. I prepared diet drink by adding cucumber, lemon, mint leaves etc in warm water and used to drink it before a meal for better metabolism. I prepared lot of fruit packs at home using papaya, apple, orange, lemon and curd. Used cucumber slices for keeping my eyes cool, lemon for cleansing and sugar etc for scrub.

The moment you think of wedding, you also think of shopping and yes it was both arduous and exciting. I had to buy dresses for Pre wedding and Post wedding shoots, Wedding and reception. For my pre wedding and post wedding shoot, I searched for ideas on pinterest etc and finally purchased my dresses from Shrist, Lifestyle and W for women. One of my dress came from Bangalore, since I could not find it at Coimbatore. Then for wedding we got sarees from Kanjipuram as they are known for keeping the best of sarees. We were really choosy about colours and also went to the shop Mahalaxmi. Because I am personally interested in wearing sarees and all, I designed my sarees and blouses on my own. I chose my own designs and got them tailored by Sophia designs. We booked Vrindavan auditorium for wedding, it was a beautiful marriage hall with catchy decorations. For accessories I opted to chose from Lifestyle (Brand Ginger), Limeroad and Jabong. Jewellery from Jory, Diamonds from Kaligudi and Gold by Joy Elakas. Noor was my makeup artist for wedding who did my makeup and jewellery for both morning and evening. He kept my makeup very natural and used Gold jewellery for day and diamond necklace during night.

For our reception, decorations were done by Garnish Decorators, who did both morning as well as evening decorations. In morning they gave the venue a temple look and during evening they covered the venue with golden and cream color, used crystal lights on pathways and made the entrance and hall look mesmerizing.

Soon after our wedding, we planned for a mini honeymoon accompanied with a ‘Post wedding shoot’ for which I bought dresses from Lifestyle, W for women. For us it was a 3 day trip to Jaipur and Udaipur. Both these places are traditional yet beautiful. We had the time of our lives. Our shoot started in morning and went on till late evening. After spending these blissful days we returned back to our place with some really beautiful memories.

Like every wedding ours was special too. Now the only task is to decide for a beautiful place for our honeymoon which Arvind and I would be doing soon.