Royal Muslim Wedding Of Aabidah And Macsha

Royal Muslim Wedding Of Aabidah And Macsha

The word 'Royal' is an understatement when you have a glimpse of this stunning wedding. Presenting to you the Royal princess Aabidah Banu and her Prince Charming Macsha Dawood. The girl was born and brought up in Singapore and the boy was from Chennai. So the story goes like this, typical Singaporean girl meets typical Chennai boy. Yes, it's a soul filling love story. Aabidah fell for Macsha's charms in a matter of few days and the chemistry between the newlyweds is irresistible. Talking about the chemistry, we have to tell a few words about the groom. This guy is head over heels in love with his lady love and anyone can easily predict that when you talk to the couple. Macsha is extremely caring and protective. Our bride herself admits he loves her more than she does. So let's hear it out from our beautiful bride Aabidah.

So Aabidah, tell us about both of you and how it happened?

It all started in 2012 June. We met at my friend's wedding. My friend was getting married to his cousin. And that's where everything began. We started talking and right away we knew we wanted to be together forever. It was a long distance relationship for more than 4 years, but Skype, WhatsApp and FaceTime really saved us. I used to come to Chennai twice a year to see him and he comes to Singapore as well, missing each other was the best part of our relationship to be honest. On  New Year's eve of 2016, my Dad surprised me  saying that he accepted our love and that we can proceed on to the wedding. The whole of 2016 was a breeze and that's when all the wedding planning began. 

Tell us about your wedding shopping?

I was that Pinterest Bride. I planned my Mehendi and my Wedding on Pinterest. Took pics from that, and created my own ideas for the decor and etc., I shopped in Bombay for my Sangeeth and Wedding Outfit. I would say I travelled the length and breadth of the country for my perfect wedding outfit. It took me all the time and energy.


The bride is bubbling with enthusiasm when we asked about the Sangeet.

'All my bridesmaids were from Singapore except two and they all coordinated their outfits according to the theme. Since most of my friends are from Singapore, they were looking forward for a real Indian wedding and we all together had tons of fun on the day of Sangeet. For Sangeeth I was wearing an Anushree Reddy, it was a Carnival theme so I've chosen the designer as such. For my sangeeth I wore a diamond set and an emerald diamond set for the wedding by NBL jewelry. My shoe was my most favourite as my husband bought it for me. I looked for it everywhere, including Singapore Malaysia and in US, but he found the last Manolo Blahnik shoe in the exact colour that I wanted in Dubai. 


For my wedding, I wore JADE by Monica and Karishma, which they customized an 8 feet trail especially for me which was what I was aiming for. Finding my wedding outfit was the most difficult task because I was very specific about what I wanted. Since it was a fairy tale themed wedding, a trail was a must for me.

Tell us about groom's wardrobe?

He wore a limited edition Salvatore Ferragamo Belt and Louis Vuitton shoes. Most of the groom's shopping was done in Dubai and Malaysia.

Tell us about one interesting thing happened at your wedding?

Oh, that would be the Mannequin challenge which is quite popular these days. All my bridesmaids and his friends stood still exactly for a minute. We had fun shooting that video. In Muslim weddings we to have a Panthal function organised by groom's side after wedding. They conduct games for the bride and groom and we had a lot of candid moments in that too.


It was my own friend who did it. I gave her all the designs and whatever I wanted and she did it exactly how I imagined or even better. They are called the Dream Theme. It was amazing working with them because they could do anything I asked for. They custom made a wishing tree, a fairy-tale book and even a carriage. Everything was absolutely stunning.

Hair and makeup:

I chose Leimi and Sita Aunty. The pictures speak for themselves. Makeup was flawless. It was lovely working with them, it was easy as they understood the look what I was going for.


I don't even have to say anything about Studio A and the photos are to die for. Amar Ramesh and Alpheus were the alpha shooters for my events and they did a splendid job. I think that is needless to say that their pictures are simply out of the world!

Beauty regime:

It was a two month routine and it’s called an Obagi kit and I continued it after going to Singapore too.