The Wedding Story of the Bubbly Darshana and her Sweet Chandru

The Wedding Story of the Bubbly Darshana and her Sweet Chandru

Darshana, our super fun bride had a gala time! It is so very evident from these lovely wedding images. From meeting and falling in love in the first hour of meeting her Chandru, this bubbly bride looks beautiful and so much in love at her wedding! Please have a look at this wedding story and get inspired!

Hello Shopzters! This is Darshana from Tirupur and married to Chandru at Pollachi. I would like to thank Shopzters for making my wedding easy and grand. So here comes the story of our wedding!

It was a Pakka arranged marriage. We got to see each other on November 20th 2016. It was a beautiful rainy day the first word from him was hello!!! And there started another hour of conversation where I fell in love with him after 1hr of conversation I handed over my whole life to him :-)

It was a super Kongu Vellalar wedding which started with an Uruthi Vaarthai function on February 17th where the marriage dates where fixed as June 8th 2016. There was a 6 month gap to fill our bachelor love story in it.

INVITATION: Invitation was selected from Opal Cards, Coimbatore which was grand and classy.

WEDDING SHOPPING: My Uruthi Varthai saree was picked at PSR, Coimbatore.

Engagement Saree and Muhurtha Saree was picked at Babu Sha, Kancheepuram.

My reception sarees' whole credit goes to my husband who selected it for me from Thulasi, Chennai. The grooms Pattu Veshti and shirt was picked at Nalli, Coimbatore and he picked his reception wear at Gabbana, Chennai. His turban was made at Coimbatore. His Nichiya Shirt was picked up at Zara.

BLOUSE: My Uruthi Varthai blouse and engagement blouse was done by Vermillion, Tirupur (Akalya Aunty) who has always been my the best designer and my Muhurtham and Reception Saree was done by Turquoise, Chennai (Nandhita Akka), daughter of Akalya Aunty. So it was this family who made me and my saree look beautiful.

JEWELLERY: Uruthi Varthai Jewellery was picked by my mother-in-law at Tata Gold plus. It was a beautiful Diamond Choker which shined like a star. Engagement Jewellery and Muhurtha Jewellery was picked at Big Shop, Ooty and Reception Jewellery which was a completely designed in diamonds was picked up at Fuzion, Coimbatore.

DECORATION: Decoration was done by Sarasu Decorators, Erode who did his best to give feast for the guests. It also was a feast not only for the guests but also for us. I am a big devotee of lord Murugan and knowing that he made a lovely Murugar statue which was so lovely.

FOOD: Coming to food we invited 3500 guest so it should be best for the tongue, stomach & heart so there was no other choice other than Vellingiri Vellakovil who has always been doing his best for our family for years. We had sugar cane juice for the whole function for two days.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Photography was done by Senthur Studio, Tirupur and Video by Sarathi. They were very friendly, and clicking and posing for those pictures we so much fun!