Framed Forever Family Shots Every Wedding Should Have!

Framed Forever Family Shots Every Wedding Should Have!

With all the busy running around, it's mostly just the hardest thing to try and get the family all into one frame. But nothing is better than candid and conventional Family portraits. With all the busy family members dropping off their work just to budge in to show their face and fit into the frame is such a sight! Can you imagine the amount of family jokes that pop up in those few minutes? Priceless! And after the family finally fits in and one person cracks a good one and well, we don't need cheese we just giggle and laugh! That frame now, precious isn't it? They just live on! Literally! Here are a few ideas to get these Forever Framed moments be a part of your Big Day!

1. This shot cracked us up! Now that's one fun family shot to treasure indeed! Family Shots 1 Photo Courtesy : The Wedding Runner

2. Carry her away Mr.Groom! All yours! Family Shots 2 Photo Courtesy : Mystic Studios  

3. Now shots like these definitely help the families loosen up and a bit and enjoy the Big Day with the couple! Family Shots 4 Photo Courtesy : Mystic Studios  

4. This could be one classic and old school candid shot frame! Totally frame-able!! Family Shots 5 Photo Courtesy : Stories by Joseph Radhik  

5. Some frames are only best with raw emotions being rightly caught on camera! Here's one of those.. Family Shots 6 Photo Courtesy : Studio A  

6. When the entire family shifts gear on a Competitive mode! Whose side are you on?! Family Shots 7 Photo Courtesy : Studio A   

7. A traditional Frame-ables! With every last one of them piling up to fit into the lens, isn't it a beautiful sight. These traditional family portraits just can't ever be replaced! Family Shots 10 Photo Courtesy : Foto Zone  

8. So much love in one frame can happen only when family is on it! Family Shots 8

Sowmya and Mothi

Photo Courtesy : Priyavision photography  

9. If you're Big Day involves beats that gets your family moving to, then there are no better candid shots while one of the family dances. Family Shots 9 Photo Courtesy : Priyavision photography  

10. And the giggles and laughs that accompany while trying to get one of these family shots are absolutely what makes the family literally one! Don't lose out on these moments with the family! Family Shots 11Photo Courtesy : Foto Zone