Tips for the Bride – Wedding Shopping!

Tips for the Bride – Wedding Shopping!

While buying sarees for the wedding, it is best not to buy all the sarees in one day! It will not only be hectic, but you will also tend to choose from a limited range and also similar colours as you might lose interest by the end of the day. 


Also, visit as many shops as possible before you start your actual wedding shopping. This helps in getting an idea as to what each shop can offer you. Consider suggestions from your friends but do not go blind fold, as each one's taste is unique.


Make sure to stitch blouses 3 months ahead of the wedding. It is better to have a buffer time of at least a month to do trials. 


As we tend to spend so much on such heavy bridal blouses, it is important to maintain them and prevent them from stains. So, the next thing to buy would be the under-arm pads. These are very helpful, as they help in avoiding sweat marks on the silk blouses.

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While buying in-skirt for the sarees, make sure you buy them in the colour of saree border. For designer sarees, buy the mermaid cut in skirts, as they give you a perfect shape and will make you look thin. You can even buy such ones for the silk sarees, depending on your comfort level. A way to make cotton in-skirts wearable would be to wash them well once or twice to remove the starch and then iron them well. This will make them easy to wear and also help in absorbing sweat.