Top 8 Mouth-Watering Vegeterian Dishes At A Wedding Buffet! - Guest Blog

Top 8 Mouth-Watering Vegeterian Dishes At A Wedding Buffet! - Guest Blog

Apart from lavish decor and pomp celebrations, Indian weddings are known for their sumptuous food. Any wedding is considered incomplete without delicious food, below are the top 8 mouth-watering vegeterian dishes at a wedding buffet!  
1.Kashmiri Pulao: Let's start with rice dish. Kashmiri pulao is a rich rice dish, and is known to be the specialty of Hyderabad and Kashmir. It is an aromatic recipe with a fancy mix of traditional ingredients like dry fruits, saffron, milk and sugar, etc. Have this authentic rich dish to your Indian Wedding Reception Food.

  2. Shahi Paneer:"Paneer is the best substitution of chicken for vegetarians. Shahi Paneer is a very delicious and nutritious food that can play�the best role in Indian Wedding Reception Food to impress your guests. An ethnic dish, where most of the vegetarians are fond of this Shahi Paneer. It is a popular dish of Northern India especially in Uttar Pradesh.

3. Malai Kofta: A traditional North Indian dish and is originated from the Mughlai cuisine. Your guests will surely love this recipe. It is luscious and delicious, creamy and yummy to relish on.

4. Dal Makhani: A traditional Punjabi dish different from their other recipes, which is being prepared in special occasions like weddings. It is a mixed lentil curry made with lots of butter and cream. Dal Makhani is absolutely delicious in taste and authentic in style.

5. Tandoori Gobi: It can be served in starter as a snack in Indian Wedding Reception Food. This exotic delicious treat is often served in weddings and parties.

6. Stuffed Masala Kulcha or Roti: In this contemporary world, every Indian wedding Reception Food includes Rumali Roti or else Plain/Stuffed Naans. It can make the best combination with the above mentioned curry recipes.

7. Paani Puri & Chaat: The most favorite chatpata, snack that you will see in every Indian Wedding Reception Food. Paani puri and chat is that charm of reception parties that every Indian guest is fond of it. Enjoy the spicy tangy Paani Puri with your friends and family in the wedding reception.

8. Kheer or Payasam: A rice pudding recipe from South Asian Cuisine. Kheer is the one perfect mouth-watering dessert, which is being garnished with lots of fruits and nuts to add a tempting aroma and flavour.

Revel in the sumptuous food experience of Paramparika!