16 Recent Hanging Decor Ideas That We Liked

16 Recent Hanging Decor Ideas That We Liked

Gone are the days when weddings meant cluttered and busy decor that used to leave the guests feeling overwhelmed! Today’s wedding décor is all about simplicity and giving life to the venue. Hanging attractive flowers from a wooden ceiling, pairing the soft sensitivity and beauty of the flowers with the rustic homely look of the wood is one such example where a hanging décor brings the venue to life. This album showcases lights, lanterns, flowers, plastic decor and much more. We see them delicately arranged to match the contrasting hues and give meaning to the whole idea of decor. Hanging decor ideas are ideal for any occasion, with a split second a few pair of hanging lanterns over the branches of a dead tree are capable of making the tree look alive.

Tulip round bulbs illuminating the garden and dazzling the guests 

Rusty bells bearing flowers = A perfect décor idea on the day of your wedding bells

Starlight impressions that take you to the moon and back

Dropping Marigold that mesmerize every onlooker

Go air fishing with the green leaf fishes! 

Exquisite hanging work of art adding an ivory charm to your evening 

Woodland of artistic blue lamps creating a perfect contrast with the greens

The perfect combination of red and white - An artistic production aloft 

Dangling vibrant ribbons that you can’t take our eyes off!

An elite wedding setup that’s as grand as it is gorgeous

Lamps decked with flowers in the shades of love!

Flower clad hanging arts that are every bride’s fancy

Vines of flowers encircled with vibrant drapes; defining simplicity and beauty!

A unique tree chandelier for a royal ambience 

Floral drops with golden chimes to add a golden charm to your special occasion

Different shades of decorative lights adding radiance to your venue

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