5 Ways To Make Your Sangeet Interesting & Fun

5 Ways To Make Your Sangeet Interesting & Fun

No Indian wedding is truly a wedding without 'The Sangeet'. It's a time when everyone can rejoice and bask in the joy of being united with love and harmony. With fun filled entertainment themes for your sangeet from one of the most distinguished and inventive Wedding Consultants Pradeep from @marriage-colours#, your sangeet will be the most awaited celebration ever.

Here are some of the most popular sangeet ideas:

Bollywood Blast

This simple theme can provide a variety of ideas. Invite your grandparents on stage and play a song of 80's of how they met or proposed each other. It can be an on the spot performance for a surprise factor or a pre-planned or well-practiced dance performance, it will also make the invited guests tap their feet.

You can also have your sangeet invitation card printed with famous movie dialogues in the form of a cinema ticket. The interiors can be decorated accordingly with Bollywood props and you can also make your better half enact your favorite movie scene! Having your caricatures made in your favorite actor and actresses' dresses or a personalized movie poster can be made out of the couple and displaying it at the entrance.

Photo Credits - Suman Chakri

Welcome the Middle East

Going back to the days of the stories about a genie emerging from a bottle and granting the wishes was magnificent and so is this theme. A combination of fun and elegance it will definitely sweep your guests of their feet! The Arabian theme can have anything from Hookah lounges, camels, belly dancers, snake charmers to fire eaters.

With the Moroccan theme, make sure that your interiors reflect the Middle Eastern flavors, Beautiful rugs, lots of colorful pillows, Seating arrangement on mattresses, silver or gold dinnerware, embroidered table runners, colorful lamps are some of those details which can be considered.

Photo credits -  Studio A

Who's The Best?

The wedding is about two teams, the bride side and the groom side. Adding a little spice to it with fun competitions is a great idea. Have a dance competition or a Karaoke. Make teams asking the couples each other's favorites or habits. The teams can also be boys vs. girls and they can have a turban tying or sari draping race and similar fun ideas.

Photo credits - Mystic studios

Young Vs Old

Making the old couples dance on the latest dance songs which have about five different steps in a minute while making the young couple dance on the old songs in which one can hardly think of any modern dance step is a new twist. However, the old songs are all about the lyrics while the new songs, ignite the long forgotten capabilities by the oldies.

Photo Credits - Suman Chakri

Punjabi Pomp

The zest that Punjabis bring to any occasion is marvelous. Imagine if you organize your wedding sangeet with a Punjabi theme, of what glamour and enthusiasm it will bring along! Lassi as the welcome drink, dhols and bhangra dance, the traditional rope bed and foods dipped in ghee and spices, the orange-yellow marigold decor, village look with earthen pots, are some of the Punjabi traditional items and artifacts for the decor. With this theme, even you can become a 'fun-jabi'.

Photo credits - DKREATE Photography

Sangeet us a time to relax, unwind and mingle with one another. It's a time for the families to get to know each other and to fuse together. Make this a fun filled event and your wedding will definitely be unforgettable.