6 Interesting Ways To Share Your Love Story On Your Sangeet Night

6 Interesting Ways To Share Your Love Story On Your Sangeet Night

Sangeet night is the most enjoyable and anticipated event in a wedding! The starry night is fun filled with a personalized selection of songs, choreographed dance performances, sumptuous food, incredible decor and the works. In the end, everything adds up to create an unforgettable experience!

While it’s important to keep your guests involved and entertained, you must not forget the main purpose behind the celebrations – it is to celebrate your love, or shall we say your LOVE STORY?

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You may have your own unique story, every couple does! The story of how your eyes met the first time you saw each other, how you never thought you’ll fall in love with THAT GUY!, how he popped the question and how you accepted without a second thought.

Sharing your story with your dear ones on sangeet night is a great idea. To make you sangeet celebration extra special you can share your love saga in some unconventional ways like these

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1# Compile a video parody!

It’s your day to be the ‘Hero & Heroine’ of your movie! Put away all your inhibitions and act out few romantic and fun incidents from your courtship days. Be as silly as you possibly can, it’ll add to the fun element of your video and you’ll create something unforgettable for yourself and your guests.

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2# Put your story on display:

Write down bits and pieces of your journey and get it framed. You can easily do this yourself; it’ll be a great DIY activity for your sangeet. Hang the frames in sequence from entrance all the way up to the stage. Few other ways to display your story include:

  • A personalized cake with a different element of your story on every tier.

  • If you have been together for long, you can display your then-and-now photos.

  • You can have your own personalized red carpet with pictures that depict different pieces of your story.

3# Live skit:

Your cousins and friends would love to do this one! Give them all the scoop on how it all started and let them enact your story through witty dialogues, hammed impersonation and peppy songs. This is an adorable way to share your story and to include your family in the celebrations.

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4# Pictures speak louder than words:

Pictures are impactful but so is music, when you combine both you have a powerpacked SLIDESHOW! The pictures start from the beginning of your courtship and the music can be chosen as per your liking. While some would go for an upbeat song others would prefer a romantic number. Rest assured the slideshow will make your guest teary-eyed!

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5# Speech time:  

The speech is not for the bride and groom; this is for their friends, siblings, colleagues, the milkman or just about anyone who has witnessed their love. Let them tell your story in their own words and be prepared for a night of mirth and laughter.

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6# Sing your love song:

The groom can surprise the bride and the guests by giving a surprise performance with a self written song that tells their story. This can also be done by both bride and groom as a couple performance. Add a bit of waltz with the song and voila you have a breathtaking performance!

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Long story short!

All of us are suckers for romance, and your sangeet function is as good a time as ever to share your beautiful love-tale with your dear ones. Take some inspiration and share your love, who knows you might kindle a romance in the young hearts or the young at heart!