7 Affordable And Easy To Make DIY Wedding Decor Ideas

7 Affordable And Easy To Make DIY Wedding Decor Ideas

When you think of wedding décor, what comes to mind? Cascading colorful fabrics, vibrant flowers, romantic candle display, that’s just about right. While the idea is admirable, I hope you realize that it is going to burn a hole in your pocket (a big one at that). When your decorator prepares an estimate on how much he’s going to charge you for draping some silky fabric at the entrance and for lighting some candles on the sideway you are going to have an out of body experience – literally!

What if we told you that you can pull off those DIY wedding décor Pinterest boards that you have been eyeing since the day you said ‘I DO’ and that too without spending a fortune?

All you need to do is - stir up your creativity, gather all your patience and hold your friends hostage to help out, it’s a way better arrangement than hiring a decorator!


Come and join us in learning some affordable and easy to make DIY wedding decor ideas,

Don’t forget to take notes!


1) Picture clothesline

Source - bridalguide.com

An easy and attractive décor idea is to sling multiple clotheslines all across the wedding venue and hang some romantic pictures of you and your beau. A clothesline adds a personalized touch to the decor and at the same time adds a dash of colors to the ambience. Moreover, it’ll save you a lot of money and it’ll also turn out to be a fun addition for your guests.

2) Glowing Candles

Source : With Love, Nilma

Source – lovewedbliss.com

What’s more romantic than the dreamy glow of candles? And fortunately for us, candles are easy on the pocket. You can place them in mason jars and hang them all over the venue or you can even use them to replace flower centerpieces at the tables.

3) Terracotta pots and ceramic pickle jars

Source : Lakiru

Source – cdn.evermine.com

To add an urbane touch to your décor you can hang some terracotta pots, this desi accent looks suave and is also eco friendly. Depending on your wedding theme you can either use painted or natural terracotta. If you are ready to go the extra mile, then bling them up with some mirrors or artificial flowers. This brings us to the next tip.

4) Fresh flowers – no more!

Source – simpleflowerarrangements.com

Source : Nilma

Artificial flowers are way cheaper than fresh ones and they give more or less the same artful look. They can be used to create bouquets, boutonnieres, or centerpieces, no matter how you use them you are surely going to save a few bucks.

5) Traditional accessories

Source – thebridalbox.com

Accessorize the venue with some readily available and reasonable priced traditional accents, including but not limited to temple bells, garlands, umbrellas, pinwheels, dupattas, cushion covers, diyas, puppets, and lanterns.

6) Colorful Rangoli

Source : Lakiru

Source : With Love, Nilma

Source – in.pinterest.com/pin/351280839663324212/

A traditional rangoli can help you in creating a theatrical entrance. You can make it with powdered colors, flowers or colored rice or sand. For a special touch you can put a garland decorated diya stand in the center of your rangoli.

7) Old saris

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Pull out some old silk saris from mom’s closet (you’ll find plenty) and drape them at the entrance or alternatively you can spread dupattas on top of tables to serve as table runners, you can use them to drape the chairs as well.

Before we go:

The key to affordable, easy and beautiful DIY wedding decor is simplicity. Remember when it comes to décor – less is more (less is more affordable too!). An elegant and clean arrangement, strategically placed accessories and lots and lots of advance planning all come together to create an unforgettable and romantic ceremony.

What are your cost-effective DIY décor ideas?