7 Wedding Ideas For Animal Lovers!

7 Wedding Ideas For Animal Lovers!

Been an avid animal lover all your life? Bringing your favourite pets to your wedding is cool. Why don’t you let your wedding theme be dominated by inspirations from the animal kingdom? Is that thought too extreme? Too radical? Check these ideas out

The Elephant

Most Indian wedding invitations have Lord Ganesha on the front. Try an elephant for a change! We are pretty sure that Ganeshji will be amused not offended by the thought! PC- 365weddingcards


Flying Parrots

Imagine these birds everywhere when you look up. Wouldn’t it be fabulous? Try these lovely parrots as hanging décor. PC Amaahayaaj


Eco friendly birds

If you are looking for a more eco-friendly option, try these parrots made from leaves! Yes, these are made from completely organic materials.


The Peacock

If you are looking for a glamorous living being, what better than peacocks!? The peacock theme is simple; make sure you get the right shades of blue and green in all your lighting. Add glittery gold pieces every now and then to complete the look. PC- Maharani Wedding


Get that Horse!

Regardless of which region you belong to, make an exception and get the horse! You don’t need to have the big bad blaring baraat. Just get the groom to arrive on a horse! That would be so cool! PC- The big fat Indian wedding


What about getting married with a backdrop like that? Traditional motifs like elephants, parrots and lotuses made magnificent patters out of flowers PC Amaahayaaj


Elephants at the entrance!

What can be grander than having elephants made of flowers waiting to welcome your guests? These handsome hunks will stand at the entrance all day long without ever breaking a sweat.