A Rendezvous With The Celebrity Make Up Artist - Samantha Jagan

A Rendezvous With The Celebrity Make Up Artist - Samantha Jagan

Samantha Jagan, the founder and managing director of @wink-unisex-salon#, who also is an internationally trained celebrity and bridal makeup artist and hairstylist with 10 years experience in the industry of beauty, shares some of her wisdom with us at Shopzters.

Started off as a model, I soon found that my interest inclined towards behind the scenes. With that came my diploma in advanced hair, beauty and make up. I’m also a proud owner of multiple national and international certifications in hair and makeup.

I have had a great deal of exposure working with celebrities for magazine cover shoots, advertisements, fashion shoots, editorial shoots. I’ve also been popularly known for Bridal makeup. 

With so many milestones, I’ve managed to cross yet another milestone, Wink Salon. It is my pride, my passion and a royal gift of style for those wish to stand apart from the crowd, just like me.

Which bride do you think is the best you’ve worked with so far and why?

Every bride of mine has taught me something that I wouldn’t have known otherwise. My brides and their families have shown so much love that it would be unfair to pick one out of the many.

What are the three things that you can’t leave home without?

I would never leave home without my lip balm, my handy roll on Victoria Secret perfume and thermal water spray or rose water for instant fresh feel for the skin.

What according to you are the three major beauty hacks?

1. My favourite hack for oily and sweat prone skin is to use ice cubes all over the face and the neck for few seconds before applying makeup. This helps to close pores and lets the makeup last longer.

2. Apple cidar vinegar is a miracle product for healthy skin, hair and stomach. Rinse your hair with it to get rid of dandruff. You can also use it as a toner for acne prone skin. It helps reduce acne and scars. Drink a tablespoon everyday and u got the best cleanser for your stomach.

3. For a long stay lip color, use any lipstick and keep a tissue spread across your lips. With a powder brush just dust some translucent powder on the tissue onto your lips and trust me, your lip colour will stay put for hours together.

How would you advise women to maintain a flawless skin inexpensively? 

The biggest and most effective tip of all times is to HYDRATE yourself internally and externally. Drink a lot of water and externally pick the right moisturizer. Baby oil can act as makeup cleanser.

(Note: You shouldn’t forget to wipe of oil well with the tissue and later wash your face with facewash that suits your skin type.)  

One word that describes your personality?

Perfectionist and an eye for details.

What according to you is the recent vogue with regard to makeup?

I'm so glad that we are in trend with keeping our natural skin tone using makeup and not obsessed with fairness. Natural and nude makeup look is in. Thick and full grown eyebrows are in vogue too.

The best compliment you have received from a bride?

All my brides are exhilarated when they see themselves completely ready on their D-day and that’s why I love my job for the instant gratification! My most memorable moment is when one of my bride’s mom walked in to see her daughter all dressed up, she couldn’t stop her tears of bliss at the transformation and she eventually hugged and thanked me.

What do you have to say to aspiring makeup artists?

If you have discovered your passion for makeup then my sincere advice is to please get certified by a professional makeup academy or artist. Learning hands-on from an expert versus learning through digital media is a whole different ball game.