An Awe Inspiring Half Saree Function Of A Jewellery Designer's Daughter

An Awe Inspiring Half Saree Function Of A Jewellery Designer's Daughter

Fashion jewellery designer Sujatha of @queens-jewel-emporium# recently celebrated her daughter’s half saree function in a very awe inspiring and grandeur manner in Coimbatore. Let’s see what she has to say about the event while talking to Shopzters.

It was a function for my younger daughter, Sonali who had come off age recently. On planning for over a month, my unanimous theme for that of a half saree function was inspired from Baahubali – The conclusion. I took down various details from Anushka’s attire, jewellery, clothing and style thinking that it might do a great deal on my daughter.

In hunting for Anushka’s blue colour banaras saree, it was pretty exhausting. It was kind of difficult to find the exact replica. Many designers came forward to custom make the requirements but suggested that the more the time, the better the result. Since I was managing everything at a closer nook, I went for a pretty close replica that I found in @pothys#, Coimbatore. The saree and the matching blouse were all found under one roof at Pothys. 

While my younger daughter Sonali wore one of Anushka’s blue banaras sarees, my elder one Harshini wore a piece from Anushka’s “Kanna nee thoongada” song from Baahubali as well.

Some of the materials worn by us and Sonali were from local bazaars and at PSR Silks. A tailor based in Coimbatore, helped us put everything in place.

My daughter’s makeup was done by Priya, a home-based makeup artist in Coimbatore who uses all high end products like MAC, etc. She rendered an amazing work on my daughter replicating Anushka’s look very much. 

Being a fashion jewellery designer myself, I tried implementing all the jewellery from Baahubali into real life. Avoiding all the dramatic elements, I sat along with the smiths and modified the original pattern and gave sketches. The outcome was pretty amusing to me since they looked just like the ones in the movie. 

Ganesh Decors from Coimbatore were responsible for painting the huge canvas and turning into something that we all dreamt of. I was scared of the grandeur it might create since I did not want it to be too gaudy or anything. Trust me, I heaved a sigh of relief when the outcome was brilliant and was much within the budget! 

Right from the invitation till the “seer” plates, they were custom made with motifs to give an experience of Baahubali. 


To people who consider of not having a half saree function, let me throw light as to why it is necessary. Those days these rituals were done to tell people that they have a bride at hand. But now, through doing this, we let the little girl have an identity for herself since she is no more a girl but a fully grown woman. 

Shopzters has always been my favourite. I’ve been a regular commuter of this site and for designers like us, Shopzters has helped a lot in being found for customers who come in need. Through Shopzters I have gained many business relationships and I’m always thankful for that.