Blouse Styles According To Your Body Shape

The saree is the most elegant apparel that any women (Indian or not) can sport. It is traditional but contemporary depending on the way you chose to drape the 6-yards of fabric. The most flattering garment suited to the Indian frame is the saree. The saree can be as demure or as sexy as you want. However, the quintessential saree is incomplete without the accompanying blouse. A blouse can make a huge difference in the way the saree looks.

Here’s a quick look at the different blouse styles that you can adopt according to your shape:

The top heavy figure

Indians tend to be top heavy and are blessed with great assets. Wear simple cuts and try and avoid embroidery or embellishments that draw attention to the chest area. Try fabrics like Chiffon, georgette, satin or crepe that are light weight and soft. Monochromes will look good and will also flatter your curves. Instead of wearing deep necks bare your back and flaunt glowing skin.

The small busted shape

Sarees are made for the curvy figure and the small bust may need some clever tailoring and embellishing to look really good. Try a padded blouse or one with a lot of detailing on the chest which gives an impression of bulk. A high neck, halter or collared neckline will be perfect to cover up the leaner areas. The use of stiffer and heavier fabrics like raw silk, velvet, brocade, or tussar silk will give you an elegant and fuller shape. Wear any patterns and colors and celebrate your slim figure.

The athletically slim figure

Wear all the styles and cuts that you find in the pattern books and look sensational. The corset style, noodle straps, halter necks, long sleeved or the choli cut all will look sensational on the well chiseled slim figure. Wear the colors that suit you and drape the saree well so that all your curves are accentuated.

The broad shouldered figure

A low back or even a backless choli style blouse highlights your toned arms and sculpted broad shoulders. Short sleeved or sleeveless blouses with broad necklines look sensational.  You can attach a string with embellishments across the back to make the style work beautifully and adds charm to a well sculpted back.

The fuller figure

It is true that the saree hides a multitude of sins. If you have a voluptuous figure and want to minimize it, try wearing long sleeved and longer blouses that cover flabby arms and tiers on your middle back. It is a good idea to wear light embroidery and small prints.


At the end of the day, whatever your choice, wear a well matched saree and blouse paired with eye catching accessories to be the belle of the ball!