Boutique of the month - March'14!

Boutique of the month - March'14!

True love is like a diamond; it is rare, beautiful and lasts forever! Well, if you would like to gift your loved one, a gift that lasts for a lifetime, then, undoubtedly, this is the place to go to! Introducing, Fuzion Jewels, the jewellery boutique which specializes in diamonds, as the boutique of the month! 0002a

Some journeys fade away as the destination draws near. Some only shine brighter. The journey of Fuzion from its humble origins in the home of Mrs Amishi Mehta to exclusive stores in three major cities today, is a glittering example. Mrs Mehta's success lay equally in the intricacies of her craftsmanship, as in the simplicity of her designs. As a result, Fuzion grew from just a handful of commissioned assignments into a large set of dedicated clients, who came for her goodwill, but stayed for her talent. With stores across Mumbai, Ahmedabad and Coimbatore.


Fuzion has indeed come a long way today. While a lot has changed, a few things probably never will. The desire to craft magical shapes out of diamonds, the strongest substance on earth. The ability to nurture relationship that are even stronger!


There's more to diamond jewelry than dazzle and design, than changing aesthetic sensibilities and transient trends. Diamond Jewelry is what we use to express ourselves when words fail us. It nurtures relationships, helping them go from strength to strength, and strengthens those that can't get any stronger.


Diamond Jewelry is an outpouring of our emotions. It is a piece of our hearts. Diamond Jewelry is timeless. Much like the relationships, it helps us build. Fuzion diamond jewelery is the point where contemporary design and timeless tradition, complex craftsmanship and simple emotions, together cement relationships destined to stand the test of time.


Fuzion is where trendy meets classic.

Fuzion is where luxury meets warmth.

Fuzion is where style meets comfort ensuring a perfect balance between elegance and practicality.

Fuzion is where familiarity meets newness while continuously evolving to add a dash of freshness to every interaction.

Fuzion is where service meets respect.

Fuzion is where tradition meets ideas. - The ideals of the old with the energy and ideas of the young.

The diamonds you buy from Fuzion, are the diamonds we make!

Fuzion is the world's largest manufacturers and suppliers of the Princess Cut diamonds.fuzion3

This means two things. Each one of our jewellery is adorned only by the diamonds we make. Each diamond is carefully chosen, painstakingly crafted and elegantly embellished, with an abundance of passion and experience.

The second advantage is that you get the best possible value for the diamonds used in the jewelry. Only the highest quality pieces, obtained at the best possible rates, are used to make Fuzion diamond jewelry, at a value that is hard to match. The result, is jewellery that truly stands out. In designs that bring the stones alive. And stones that bring fresh, new designs to life.


Fuzion is built on our patrons support. Our relationship with our patrons is based not just on valuables, but on values. Values like passion and trust. The trust that allowed a small enterprise based out of home to growing into a multi-store brand with a presence across 3 cities.


The Fuzion experience: the more we change, the more we remain the same. Our store at Coimbatore captures this unique experience in all its glory. It is a modern, but one that provides traditional hospitality, warmth and privacy. We fuse timeless themes with contemporary designs. We belong to a civilization that is a glorious fusion of the ancient and the modern. It is a contemporary manifestation of a tradition that is second to none!


Address:117-c, R R Complex, West Sambandam Road, R S Puram, R S Puram, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu - 641002.

Phone Number:0422 255 0224