Ideas For Couple Portraiture Wearing Matching Clothes

Ideas For Couple Portraiture Wearing Matching Clothes

Photographs are the ‘in’ thing, in this age of social media and Instagram. If you are about to get married, one of the most exciting things on your list must be a couple photo shoot. These couple photo shoots portray the essence of the couple to the maximum. Nothing shows unison of hearts like the couple wearing similar and matching outfits. Here are a few ideas for your couple shoot!

Be the copy cats

What can be more adorable than a newly married couple matching each other wearing the same outfit! They look lovable and it is the safest style while matching each other for your shoot. The trending style now is to wear the same graphic t-shirt with a pair of matching denims.

Shot by Silon Talkies 

Shot by Calypso

Wearing the same colours

A couple seen out together wearing coordinated outfits look great but couples who are dressed differently can look amazing by wearing an outfit from the same colour palette but with a different style. Make sure that your attire accentuates the positive features that you have.

Shot by Weva photography

Shot by Harishankar Photography

Shot by Sowmya Photography

Matching with the same palette

For ideal bride and groom matching wedding outfits, it looks great when their attires complement each other to achieve a refreshing look! Look at the photos below and get inspired!

Shot by Zero Gravity Photography

Shot by Zero Gravity Photography

Shot by Jeevan

Wearing same colour with a contrast colour

It is very easy to match each other by wearing the same colours but adding one garment that is of a different colour creates a harmonic outlook with a small twist!

Shot by Aashish Photography

Shot by Silon Talkies