Like Mother Like Daughter Creations From MANA Design Studio!

Like Mother Like Daughter Creations From MANA Design Studio!

'A special bond that spans the years.

Through laughter, worry, smiles and tears.

A sense of trust that can't be broken,

A depth of love sometimes unspoken,

A lifelong friendship built on sharing,

Hugs and kisses, warmth and caring.

Mother and daughter their hearts as one - a link

That can never be undone.'

Mother and daughter become the cynosure of all eyes when they wear similar outfits. Here's a creative effort to mark the bond between a mother and daughter - Like Mother, like daughter designs from MANA Design Studio!


An 'Under the sea' birthday theme was the perfect opportunity to materialise a concept that was dwelling at MANA for a while now - Blue was the colour to be! In sync with the theme and one that moved away from the regular pinks and mauves. The child's name "Mohati" meaning pearls; so the namesake- an embellishment had to land up on both the moms and birthday girls dress - MANA used a combination of crystals diamant and pearls to create the magic on the moms neckline whilst on the little girls waist belt.


The fabrics were a combination of blue net blue silver shimmer and blue satin to create tints and hues of the colours of the waves.Wire piko at the edges left a mesmerising effect of dancing waters on the mother's long dress whereas the daughter's dress was balloon hemmed to add the illusion of infinity like the never ending oceans.


The second of the mother and daughter concept showcases a traditional look reiterating the fact that MANA creates both westerns and Indians with equal panache- the dresses of the mother and daughter are hand in glove with our Indian festivity colours - bright pink and zesty orange are colours that never lose their zest in our functions; this contrasted with a beautifully kundan and zardosi embroidered torso bodice adds the necessary glamour to an otherwise colour teamed ensemble - please mark that both the double layered skirt and the embellished blouse can be used as single pieces and teamed with other pieces too.


The child may wear her blouse with a blue pavadai or an orange blouse later whilst the mom may wear her navy velvet blouse with a plain soft silk or georgette saree for another occasion. Versatile and thought of - that's what MANA does for you!