Photographer Turned Horse-Whisperer! – Photographers’ Delight

It?s the creativity and wanting to add uniqueness to the experience of making memories and freezing moments on a frame that sets a photographer apart from the rest of the artists.?It?s not exactly easy these days to get to make yourself a space is special just for you with all the rising, talented artists in Photography. Unless, you?ve gotten to a place where the world knows you?re a bit different and that?s why they love your work.?Every Photographer would definitely relate to this scenario. One such talented and focused Photographer Vinod Kumar has managed to take ?creative? to a whole new level.

Adopting a favorite Western style of involving animals or pets as props on the frame, Vinod?s new-age Couple Shoot idea, is hitting higher levels of ?awe? among the couple.

Vinod with prior permissions, has managed to have a couple shoot with Muskan, a beautiful ?White-Beauty? of a horse! We are pretty sure this wasn?t as easy as it looks, but here?s what Vinod has to say.

?Proudly I can say no one has come up with this concept of bringing a Horse into a couple shoot in Hyderabad, which is so popular in Western countries.?What a shoot we did! I was really excited from the beginning of the idea for this shoot. Thank you so much Amulya Devi & Chaitanya for believing me and my idea behind this.?Right from the beginning we thought of doing something different from others and it has really worked out so well. ?The experience with MUSKAN The horse, I will never forget.?

Special thanks to Nithin for getting the needed permissions for the resort which made it possible to shoot some beautiful shots.?

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