Romantic Pre-Wedding Photos That You Must Take With Your Partner!

Romantic Pre-Wedding Photos That You Must Take With Your Partner!

There is no escape from colourful photos when it comes to love shots. Be it bubbles, balloons, flower frames or pinwheels,  even holi colours are used for pre wedding photoshoots! Here are some poses you can try!

Colourful frames

What better way to announce your wedding to your social media audience? Take a few “Save the date” shots and put it up as an invitation! PC Pinterest


Romantic Sihouettes

These are classics. Romantic poses at the beach, with the sunset in the background that leave the viewers spellbound! PC @iswarya-photos#


Movie inspired shots

Om Shanti Om, Rab ne banadi jodi and the evergreen Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge are often used as inspirations for pre-wedding photoshoots. PC - @aa-photography#


Follow me shots

If you are an instagram freak, no better way to let the world know that you are getting hitched! PC : @my-winks#


Use Props

Fun props are everywhere. You can even purchase them online or make them at home! Simple handheld moustaches and sunglasses can go a long way in making these photos memorable. PC @iswarya-photos#


Photoshop away!

For the true romantics who wish to convey the magic in their love, add some photoshop magic to your pre wedding shots. PC @cwp#


Fun shots

Indulge in some wrestling, a little bit of leg pulling and some strangling too if he insits! PC @iswarya-photos#


Romantic shots

Last but most important are these romantic shots. They needen’t be inspired by movies. Your own very special moments that you wish to preserve forever. PC: @zero-gravity#