The latest theme wedding we have up our sleeve is..... Hush! Hush!.It is a secret!...

Reshma Srijay, founder of Flora Wedding Planners, enthusiastically shares her ideas on Theme weddings. She tells how weddings could be made more exciting and fun filled by adding a theme to your wedding.

There is nothing more exciting than a wedding in the family. It is a joyous occasion of celebration and happiness. Everyone loves to be a part of weddings and planning their loved ones' weddings. Gone are the days where people thought it was a tiresome job. With the help of technology and media like Facebook, Pinterest and others, planning a wedding has become easier. And Shopzters has been doing a great job in making every bride's dream wedding come true.


For weddings, the options are millions and the ideas are zillions. So how do you know what you want? Planning a theme wedding is one of the options to narrow down your choices. It is a lot easier to think on a common ground. First you select the theme you want and select every service pertaining to the theme. We had planned quite a lot of such theme weddings. Few which I would like to mention are the Brindavan theme planned for Rangasamy Chettiar and son's family and the peacock colour palette theme for Mr.Manohar's family.


When you choose a theme, everything from the Invitation cards, Docor, Entertainment will be based on the theme. For the Brindavan theme, there were beautiful girls dressed as Gopikas serving authentic food for the catering!


Choosing a theme is the tricky part. People do not want to have repeated themes. Though peacock theme was very common, for Mr.Manohar's family, Mrs.Chitra chose to go different with a peacock colour palette theme where more concentration was given for the peacock colour shades and minimal attention to the bird.


It is always the attention for details that matters when we plan a theme wedding. I usually say this to my team. Every instance of the wedding should remind the guests about the theme. It is not enough to just have few similar props and give it a theme name. It is important to work through every minute part of the wedding and incorporate the concept.


The latest one we have up our sleeve is the Zero footprint wedding concept. Hush! Hush!.It is a secret...;-) I am just kidding. This theme is straight out of my heart! After every wedding, it really aches seeing the amount of wastes that need to be dumped and the extent to which it damages our environment. So I have come up with this Zero Footprint Wedding concept where everything used for the wedding will be easily biodegradable and does not cause damage to the earth. We also have planned to use maximum reusable materials so that the cleanup work after the wedding is literally nothing.


Eco friendly wedding is not about simply having green colour everywhere. It is about thinking green and it requires lot of work and dedication to work out that concept. We haven't yet implemented this one. We are looking for a client who has an honest approach towards conservation. For their wedding, we will be working out this concept.


Green wedding is a revolution. A contribution from the wedding fraternity to Mother Nature!!