When The Wedding Guests Start Having Fun, It’s Something Else Entirely!

When The Wedding Guests Start Having Fun, It’s Something Else Entirely!

Okay! So it's your wedding day and you are going to be super busy with jewelleries, makeup, last minute touch ups to your hairdo, photo-shoots and so on and so forth. What about your guests? You are hardly going to be able to spare a free minute to find out if they are enjoying themselves or getting bored to tears (read yawning in the last seat or even nodding off! That's sort of errr... allowed in the parliament but in the wedding!!! No, spare us the horror!).

And you, being the real sweet and thoughtful yourself, really want to ensure that everybody in the scene is having a blast. After all, it is a special day and everyone deserves enjoyment. So how about ramping up the fun factor? Why not plan ahead and find a few games to entertain your guests that will shift the mood from casually jovial to right down crazy? Sounds interesting? We have some great ideas that have proven to work. Check them out!

1. Dressing the model competition:

Divide your guests into groups. Each group gets to pick a model for their group whom they need to dress up in newspapers as a traditionally dressed groom. Hand out cello tapes, gum stick and scissors; then witness the madness unfold. The most creative group whose attire stays put gets the crown!

Pics Courtesy: Minchu Studio



2. Have the cake and eat it too:

Who doesn't love cakes? Who wouldn't gorge on the creamy mountains of sweetness? So, why not give your guests a good reason to bite into the delectable piece of yummylicious goodness? The only catch is: the hands will be tied behind! Watch the rest of the crowd roar with laughter and cheer as eager mouths (and noses, let's not forget'em!) are covered with cream. Not only would it fill the entire atmosphere of wedding with laughter and joy, there will be enough photographs and memories to cherish years later.

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3. Dancing on the sheet

Have the couple dance to the songs on a large sheet of paper without stepping out of it. As the music changes, fold the sheets into half. As the size of the sheet of paper decreases, more and more couple will tumble into elimination or get closer and closer. Hey, it's fun to watch! The couples are going to so love it. And trust us, there might be a few bachelors and bachelorettes who would want to pair up and give it a try. Why not? The game is on... Winky wink wink!


4. Drape and deck'em in sarees

If you are going to have either the bridal or the groom troupe who aren't Indians, this might sound like a fun. Give your guests sarees and ask them to drape it around them. The first person to do it best, gets the prize.


Wedding games add an element of fun and surprise to your wedding and don't be astonished if someone complements you for the idea long after you have almost forgotten it! And while you are planning it, don't forget to buy a few extra gifts. Who wouldn't like a free goodie or two, right?

Photo Credits: Minchu Studio