Perfect Matching Couple Outfits For A Picturesque Outdoor Shoot

Perfect Matching Couple Outfits For A Picturesque Outdoor Shoot

Nothing to beat a long and elegant gown on a bride for the outdoor couple shoot. These gowns can be formal or semi-formal yet match with the groom’s casual, formal or semi-formal clothes. They make a perfect ensemble for a fun and charming photo shoot. Here are a few elegant inspirations for matching your ensembles for your shoot.

Copy-Cat Matching-

The safest way to match your other half is just by wearing whatever colour that fits the skin tone and overall look of your shoot. Choose colours and hues that stand out in your chosen location and backdrops.

Shot by Harishankar Photography 

Shot by Weva Photography

Choosing from the Same Colour Wheel-

The goal is to match each other, yet stand out individually. The best method is to choose a particular colour combination and use shades of the same colour in each other’s ensembles. Make sure you do not use colours that are not in your chosen palette.

Shot by Harishankar photography 

Shot by Yeluguri

Harmony with a Twist-

Here, they match each other but with a slight twist. It means choosing a colour to match each other but wearing a single garment that is of contrast, it can be a shirt, a pair of pants or a vest. This way the element of contrast adds to the picturesque outlook of the whole picture.

Shot by Suriya Edits 

Shot by Ashokarsh 

Shot by Aashish Photography