All Eyes on Bridesmaids!

All Eyes on Bridesmaids!

Any celebration is incomplete without your friends. Isn’t it?  Bridesmaids are the ones supporting the bride in all the nitty gritties. Their presence makes the event more fun and helps the bride be at ease. From sharing gossip about boys to the day when you are busy coordinating dresses for all the wedding functions, you know you have come a long way. Bridesmaids are also the main centre of attraction during the wedding and therefore finding that perfect dress becomes a task. Therefore, we have chosen few best lehengas to give you the much needed inspiration. Appreciating some of the best dressed girl gangs from the 2019 weddings.


  Finally the ‘D-Day’ is here !


Finally the ‘D-Day’ is here


Dancing to the tunes of love and friendship


Attires so appealing!


So who is next in line??


Bridesmaids on Duty!


The ones who slay together, stay together !


When disney princesses decided to pose!


Your vibe attracts your tribe!


These moments will pass but the memories will stay.


Giving us all the major #SquadGoals


Why should boys have all the fun?


Bridesmaids for a day, Best Friends for life !