Celebrating Her Creativity With Passion – Meenal Momaya

Celebrating Her Creativity With Passion – Meenal Momaya

This talented artist Meenal Momaya has been working in the industry for decades now and is one of the best and most sought after makeup artists. Years of mastering the art of Makeup has indeed gotten Meenal Momaya to heights in her career. Brides adore her work for the kind of Celeb feels it adds to their beauty.

Happy to feature this woman achiever as a part of our women's day celebrations!

First and Foremost, I want to thank God and my parents for showing me the path which I chose to accomplish and be challenged! 
From a child who played  with toys and ran around.....My journey of childhood was with vibrant colors, brushes and dressing up my Barbie doll, which was   influenced by my older sister's profession. 

This passion for art is my life which I will cherish a life time! It motivates and excites me every time I create a new look. I challenge myself everyday to do even better and immensely enjoy my work of creativity and have a lot of fun with it!! 

Practice, dedication and to challenge yourself everyday is a must for any profession you choose to start. In our profession, the main part is timing, speed and accuracy! It’s extremely important and it is important to be absolutely sure the bride reaches her event on time, no exceptions to this...

Be persistent in what you do. Be a student and learn as you grow throughout your life. All experiences in life is a good experience... it helps you to grow as a person. 

Have a passion and an inspiration to motivate yourself. Living the life filled with joy is  a women's best cosmetic; so always be positive and keep smiling!


Celebrate your creativity with passion and you will only rise above all challenges!!

I am also very blessed to have the best team of very talented artists at Neelam Studio working with me. I am very proud of our accomplishments as a team. I am also proud to be honoured by Shopzters and would love to help and promote women empowerment for every woman's prosperity! Thank you!