Watch Rithu pulling off her

Watch Rithu pulling off her "top to toe" bridal statement!

Pulling off a perfect wedding is the dream of every girl out there. As much as she loves planning for the day, the stress is unbearable. To bring out perfection in everything is a task but if done right, it can also turn your wedding into the best and the most memorable day of your life. From the choice of dresses to location to the decor, we loved it all. Follow Rithu’s wedding pictures to get a glimpse of the well curated wedding and take some inspiration home. Afterall, the right kind of inspiration never hurts. Right?


Your beauty lies in your heart and when the heart is happy, it shows on your face!


In love with all the jewellery/accessories, rithu chose for her wedding.


Right choice of dress and decor can totally level up your wedding game.


When words fail to explain, pictures do.
How beautiful are these portraits shot for the gorgeous bride.


When even the pictures ooze out so much romance, you know the love is real.


Matching face-mask for your D-Day to keep you both safe and trendy. Afterall, taking the right precautions enhances the beauty of your celebrations!


Finally the day is here, can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you.


Image Courtesy: Romaganesh Photography , Light bucket productions