10 Colours Every Groom Must Try This Season!

10 Colours Every Groom Must Try This Season!

Groom wear for weddings has become more exciting and exotic in recent times thanks to all the new trends ranging from pastel hues to bold colourful palettes. Here is a list of 10 colours and combinations that are popular this season.

1. Jade and Ruby combination

Nothing can beat the regal colour combination of a bright red silk dhoti and a jade green Kurta on a groom. The intricately worked collar and sleeve with the golden turban adds to the aristocratic look.

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2. Glorious Gold

Golden trousseau never goes out of style, be it the bride or groom. The exquisite embroidery on the golden coloured kurta with a shimmery dhothi in the same hue is a timeless ensemble. 

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3. Opulent Orange

Coral orange is very ‘in’ this wedding season for the bride and groom. The orange brocade kurta with the golden buttons and embroidered cuff complements the golden pants effectively. The duppatta and the turban complete the wedding look of the groom.

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4. Pastel Pink

Nothing like a man who can carry a pink outfit effortlessly and confidently! The combination of a pink colour kurtha with the contrast strands of beads around the neck will make your bride and the bridesmaids swoon over you!

Photography by Memory Lanes


5. Lime Green

Bright green colour is a popular choice for a summer or spring wedding. Simple embroidery on a bright green kurta reflects the joy and festivity of the ceremony itself.

             Photography by Memory Lanes


6. Amber yellow

Yellow is considered as an auspicious colour according to Indian tradition. A simple crisp yellow jodhpuri along with neutral coloured pants will make a smart and effortless look for any ceremony.

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7. Cool Blue

Blue colour has always been synonymous with the masculine gender. A twist of pastel sky blue with over all silver motifs is elegant and masculine at the same time. It can be combined with an off white dhothi pant or a straight cut pant to give a cool vibe.

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8. Shocking Blue

A bright cobalt blue can be edgy yet traditional on an Indian groom. Combining the colour with a twist, using a mustard bottom, makes a statement.

Photography by Yelugiri Photography


9. Scarlet Red

Wedding trousseau is never complete without a piece of red garment. A simple red kurta with a traditional silk dhothi can never go wrong. It is an ageless, classy combination.

Photography by Vipin Photography


10. The Emerald Ruby combination

A deep emerald green duppatta with heavy intricate work on a simple red kurta can look royal on any groom. A simple ornament or a head gear will complete the regal look.

Photography by Memory Lanes