15 Stunning Bride-Sister Portraits- Part 1!

15 Stunning Bride-Sister Portraits- Part 1!

On a bride's big day it is always her sister who plays the biggest role! While her parents are busy being a part of the gazillion rituals, it is the sister who stays by the bride's side, constantly fixing her hair, her saree, her makeup, secretly sneaking in food when her hunger pangs strike and of course making sure there is an endless supply of tissues for the waterworks. The relationship sisters evolve through the journey of life but it is during her wedding when we see them truly come a full circle. The bond is so sacred and special that no man no matter how special can ever replace the best friend status that a sister has! Right from sharing beds, to clothes, to food, the duo sure have come a long way and they work ten times harder to make sure their relationship is unaltered even after they tie the knot to the love of their life. 

Scroll down to check out a couple of adorable sister portraits we think look stunning! Can you see all the love? We are gushing! 


Sisters are always our favourite partner to be clicking photos with!


Here, the gorgeous Pearl Manny's sister fixes her pleats on her big day!


The 'Pataka' duo! Don't you love the eclectic colours these two sisters are dressed in! 


How can one not get emotional when her roomie of 20 years leaves home for the first time ever?


We love this stunning frame! Aren't they a good looking duo!


Sisters never shy away from taking photos together!


The pout queens award goes to this adorable duo!


It is every photographer's delight capturing the camaraderie between the sisterhood. 


We love when sisters colour-coordinate their outfits! It's a visual treat!


It is not just the bride who prays for the life that lies ahead but the sister too! 


Don't they look lovely together?


This one is totally frame-worthy! We love the underlying gold tones running through both their sarees.


Brides and their sisters captured candidly are truly the best!


So similar yet so different, yet bound together by a sacred bond!


A sister is always every girl's second mother.


All the above photographs are sourced from Pintrest/Instagram