3 New Wedding Themes You Can Try This Wedding Season

3 New Wedding Themes You Can Try This Wedding Season

Wedding themes present a goldmine of ideas for wedding decorators. If you wish your wedding to be special, to be unique, having a common theme that runs through every aspect of the wedding would be great. Whether you have a concept in mind or not. Researching always gives you new perspectives and new ideas. That’s exactly what we are doing here. We have 3 themes we liked most, check them out and tell us your favourite in comments!

Aquamarine Breeze Theme

What are the colours that come to mind when you think of a beach wedding? Different pleasing shades of blue? The salty sea breeze blowing gently on your face? Sea shells crunching beneath your feet as you walk on the golden sand? That’s exactly how Event Planners at @the-knottt# imagined it too! They went a step further and added coral coloured roses to the wedding décor. Lace curtains added to the serene ambience and so did the fairy lights that lit up this beautiful evening! Vinay Arvind Photography by Vinay Aravind.


Harry Potter Theme

Today’s youngsters grew up in the wizarding world created by JK Rowling. Harry Potter has been an important part of our lives. So important that it can even be a wedding theme if both the bride and groom are hard core fans (which is not rare). @the-wedding-tusker# did an amazing job at this event leaving nothing to chance. From owls and broomsticks to flying keys and letters from Hogwarts, they had it all laid out! Even the tiniest of things like the golden snitch, spell books and potions were done with such perfect detailing! Check these photos out!


Cherry Blossom Theme

In a season that lasts from February to May, it’s cherry blossom time at Japan. Tourists from all over the world gather to watch nature’s marvels. Imagine the entire landscape washed in shades of baby pink! Would you like to recreate that look at your wedding? @the-wedding-tusker# did just that at Aarthi and Sunil’s wedding! It wasn’t simply the flowers that set the romantic mood. Take a closer look and you will see the dangling crystals and lights play a huge part too! Enjoy!