7 More Designer Outfits Worn By Our Real Bride Savitha Reddy For Various Occassions

7 More Designer Outfits Worn By Our Real Bride Savitha Reddy For Various Occassions

Our stunning bride Savitha Reddy flaunts an elegant, romantic, vivacious and diva look all through her pre and post wedding ceremonies. From luxurious fabrics to effervescent tones she carries each look impeccably.

Each outfit is skillfully designed by @the-silhouettes-boutique# using chic fabrics and palettes to create innovative and bespoke silhouettes fulfilling all her fashion needs.

Savitha wore a super trendy blouse artistically done with their couple portrait that became viral on Shopzters. Here's where you can check more about it. - http://www.shopzters.com/blogs/bridal-fashions-trends-and-ideas/wear-your-couple-portrait-blouse

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An exclusive outfit, skillfully crafted using a contemporary mix of sophisticated fabric and elite design to create a bespoke look for Savitha.


Pretty in pink with a capsule of classy black, this chic number is the definition of contemporary aesthetics.


This inspiring look with its vibrant colors is a true portrayal of the multihued wedding celebrations that are the heart of Indian weddings. 


For a fun and cheerful vibe this stunning dress is a perfect choice for Savitha and the bow on the back is to-die-for!


This stunning cocktail dress comes with a gentle whoosh of ivory and peach pop to create a ‘Dream Girl’ look for Savitha!


A delicately and dazzling outfit with blend of feminine charisma and contemporary silhouettes.


This embroidered and elegantly stylized blouse is reminiscent of Indian tradition and royalty