A Magical Wonderland As The Backdrop For Your Wedding!

A Magical Wonderland As The Backdrop For Your Wedding!

Every bride and groom wish to create a magical wonderland, where they can be pictured performing their wedding rituals and celebrations. Wedding these days are followed and seen by lots of people due to the trending social media applications. This makes the wedding decorations a primal and important part of organizing a wedding, after all, it’s the first thing anyone notices when they enter a wedding venue!

Here are a few inspirations from @unique-decor# for creating wedding decorations as per your budget and taste.

The Royal Extravagance

Who doesn’t love to go over-the-top on their big day? A little bit of grandeur and extravagance doesn’t hurt anyone. Here are a few decor sets that use gold props, settings and decorations along with flowers to create a royal and regal looking wedding venue.

The Floral Wonderland

Wedding decorations can never be complete without a bunch of flowers in the decorations. Flowers create happiness when looked at and what more does a bride need for her well-wishers to feel on her big day? They create an elegant and tasteful background and never go out of style! Here are a few classy inspirations for you!

Contemporary Decorations

Flowers and golden hues are not everyone’s cup of tea. Some people like the decorations to be chic, stylish and modern. This is done using beautiful props, lights, and other unique decors like lamps, lanterns and vases that are shown below in these photos. This type of contemporary decorations not only look chic but are economical as well.