A Tete A Tete With One Of The Most Sort After Bridal Makeup Artist Ibrahim

A Tete A Tete With One Of The Most Sort After Bridal Makeup Artist Ibrahim

For Ibrahim, who has been in the film industry as a celebrity makeup artist for over 18 years now, is pretty much ruling the bridal makeup industry with his team. His father also happened to be a celebrity makeup artist just for over 48 glorious years of service. Being a celebrity makeup artist for familiar faces from the cinema like Tapsee, Vimala Raman and various others, since 2009, Ibrahim and team had been associated into bridal artistry.

Let’s hear it from him as he speaks to Shopzters about his core team and the various services they offer.

Being passionate about fashion and wedding makeovers, I have been associated with RMKV for 8 years now. I’ve been doing photo-shoot make over for brands like Nalli, Pothys, Kumaran Silks and various others. There are times when I had to work back to back, attending to seven functions a day, starting from 2 am throughout the day, and my team keeps me going at all times. My core team consists of makeup artist Shabas, my brother who also takes care of all my schedules since day one. Hair stylists, S. Vijay Raghavan, who initially insisted in us getting into bridal artistry and Gopinath. Saree drapers, Anu, Jeevitha and Saraswathi.

We have been associated together for 15 years now and touchwood there hasn’t been any bad reviews so far.

The photographers have always been very generous in referring me to various brides since I render a flawless look that saves them the cost for photoshopping.

Adding feathers to my cap, I have also received a number of awards for my services in bridal artistry. To name a few, outstanding performance, superstar makeup artist of the year, best portfolio makeup artist of Chennai, maquilleur of the year, and lots more.

All the brides I’ve worked with have been very supportive and have always adjusted to my schedules. I always commit to all my brides seriously and in these many years of service, I have never skipped an event. Me and my team have always been on time and have made it a point to make our brides happy even at the tiniest of chances available. We crack jokes and make the brides feel at home and at ease. Our major goal is to make them tension-free and boast their levels of confidence.

My major strength is that I never go for trials. And I am always thankful for all my brides to have put their trust in me. Also, the overwhelming feeling we get after we see our work of art on stage is just beyond comparison. Working for these brides satisfies me more than working for movies since we ought to see it live as soon as the work is done.

One of the most trending looks is that most brides these days prefer a very fresh looking makeover. They expect a shimmery and a glossy look. We don’t just make them up but we create a look for every bride in accordance to their personality, outfits and complexion. Bridal artistry isn’t a child’s play. It can never have compromises.

Brides from Coimbatore, Erode and places as such prefer a very subtle makeover with a slight glossy lips and a traditional hairdo. Whereas, brides from Chennai go with a subtle makeover and bold lips.

I’m very fond of winged liners since I like to have them on fleek. Also, my trademark is to have winged liners with nice glossy pink lips.

Before every wedding I make it a ritual to personally meet my brides and give them counseling so as to stay calm and tension free since all that matters to them is to enjoy their big day instead of worrying about matching accessories and stuff.

I use only high end products like MAC, Bobbi Brown, Makeup forever, Kevin Acoine, Marc Jacobs, Dior and much more.

Four major hacks for every bride to follow with regard to makeup are,

1.If you have a tendency of eating your lipstick, fill your lips with lip pencils and add a little bit of lipstick in the end. You can also wear pro-long wear lipsticks and lip stains to give an intense look.

2.Use cream based eye shadows to avoid creases and patches. 

3.Use gel liners for your eyes instead of Kajal since they stay in place and don’t smudge.

4.Don’t use a lot of foundation since that makes you look cakey. Use loose powder since it makes you sweat through and appears flawless.

Some of the best home remedies for all brides to follow is to keep yourself hydrated round the clock. Drink loads of carrot juice and also the ABC smoothie that consists of apple, beetroots and carrots that acts best for tanned skin, gives you a glow and detoxifies all impurities. Include a lot of fruits and vegetables in your daily diet and most importantly always carry sunscreens, face washes and moisturizers with you wherever you go.