A Very Eternal And Sublime Themed Decor Of Krishna And Radha

A Very Eternal And Sublime Themed Decor Of Krishna And Radha

@marriage-colours# have always been in the hit list when it comes to going the traditional way with a unique twist. They are back again with one such décor and we can’t wait to share it with you all.

Pradeep from Marriage colours talks to Shopzters about how they went about with the theme. And, here it goes.

The design was initially selected and suggested by both bride and the groom, Vignesh and Charanya’s families. The event took place at MRC Hall, Chennai. Since the hall already had a very bright lighting and gave out a good throw for bright colours, inclined to golds and yellows, we thought we should be going with something very subtle and soft. 

Our first go-to handy colours were that of white, yellow, green, orange and red. We worked on the canvas with a major throw of whites and yellows and the rest followed. 

They insisted on having a Radha Krishna theme and so we started out from the scratch and were very much considered in making everything look unique. We made the Radha and Krishna decors with flowers which took us 8 hours of tireless work and 4 men. We started with making the skeleton of both personalities and further finished by sticking flowers all over. 

We used white diamonds on both sides to give a relief between the side panel of the mandap. We also insisted on making the front panel with beautiful floral hangings. We are proud to say that all the requirements were made in-house keeping only and only uniqueness in mind.

We also did a smaller version of a floral chandelier that was hanging down from the roof so as to give away a clear picture of Radha and Krishna on stage. 

We received umpteen compliments from everyone and thus the hard-work was paid off really well.