A wedding tale that their kids would listen to!

A wedding tale that their kids would listen to!

Weddings have always been an extravagant affair in our country. With the arrival of COVID - 19 and its impact on different industries, weddings got impacted too. Weddings become the talk of the town and it's always an exciting event for the couple and the families involved.

They say: "When the going gets tough, the tough gets going" and that's the thought our modern couples swear by. They made it a conscious choice to not let an obstacle delay their beautiful ceremony while also putting the safety of their loved ones first.

Here's to the couple that made sure to have a beautiful celebration while following all the rules and regulations & keeping it a safe affair for all the people involved.

Matching face masks are both a trend & necessity and this couple is showing us how to stay trendy yet safe!


How adorable is our beautiful bride,
Totally in awe of her choice of attire and jewellery.


When the groom is both handsome and confident
What else can you ask for?


Loving the beautiful floral bed, lovely attires and of course the precautions that are being taken!


Weddings in the times of corona are possible if you abide by all the rules and play safe.
Add on to the celebration and stay safe!


We love it when such cute mushy pictures come our way,

Just look at this gorgeous couple.


Isn’t it adorable to see two people so much in love?
Of Course it is!


A safe and sound future filled with love and warmth seems promising.


Photo Credits: @eden-studios-jebin-dravyam-photography#