Elevate Your Garland Game With Baby Breaths This Season!

Traditional wedding garlands use roses but a growing trend for minimalistic and delicate adornments has led to a widespread use of baby’s breath as a flower of choice. The delicate blooms from the carnation family have won over brides across the world. The cloudy and wispy little flowers look ethereal and make her look beautiful. Paired with roses the white, pink or slightly yellow tinted blooms make any wedding garland look dream-like. Baby’s breath garlands look good with all kinds of wedding apparel and the photographs look fabulous too!


Dreamy wedding ghagras and sherwanis complement the baby’s breath and roses garland at the Jaimala ceremony.


Smile your way through the wedding ceremony when you know that you are looking the picture perfect couple.


Roses and baby’s breath garlands look breath taking on the blissful couple. The laughter is as rich as the flowers.


The love in the look they give each other is matched only by the whimsical wedding garlands in white and pink baby’s breath and carnations.


Traditional rituals meet modernity with baby’s breath garlands that are beautiful yet simple.


Gorgeous blushing brides and shy expressions are offset beautifully with baby’s breath wedding garlands.


Simple and elegant tales of bouquets and garlands of wispy white baby’s breath will take your breath away!


Fairy tales begin with a prince and a princess, wedded with red roses and baby’s breath garlands, testimonials that they lived happily ever after!


When happiness needs to be your only adornment, roses and baby’s breath garlands come a close second!