Creative Baby Shower Mehendhi Ideas We Came Across!

Creative Baby Shower Mehendhi Ideas We Came Across!

Mehendi is an art of ancient times. It symbolizes fertility, beauty and auspiciousness. Every occasion that celebrates life is marked by the red hues of mehendi. It could be a wedding, a baby shower, baby’s birth or a festival. The intricate designs are the charms that elicit awe and women vie to see whose palms have gained a deeper colour. Myths abound that the richer the colour of your mehendi, the more love you get from your beloved!

Mehendi depictsthe love of Indians for tradition and rituals. Modern designs symbolize the mother child relationship!


Minimalistic mehendi depicts the love of a mother and child that is pure and empirical!


Traditional designs have given way to contemporary ones that look like stories showcasing the mother-child relationship.


The beauty of relationships in the hues of mehendi is to be seen to be believed. The love is obvious in the design that colours your hand.


The Yashodha-krishna bond is the one that has endured centuries and inspired generation of mothers and children to share love.


Bottles, and nappies, prams and cribs all are told as a story of love and affection in the form of mehendi.


The bond between spouses is manifested by the beautiful and intricate designs drawn on your hand by the mehendi artists.


The pictorial depictions of mother and child bond in the form of mehendi decorates your hands for many a day.


The back of the hand is also a part of the design that enhances the beauty of your hands with the colourful mehendi.


Children and playtime depictions on your palms with mehendimake you aware of the love of mothers have for their yet to be born children.


The smell of mehendi, the beauty of the designs and the emotion associated with baby showers all add up to make your day special.


The back of your hands are beautifully anointed with baby designs to look pretty too. Mehendi makes all hands pretty.


Mehendi brings colour to life as well as your life, the designs stay on your pals for some days reminding you of good times.