Embracing A Tint Of Traditional Hues

Red and green have always been colors that many of us relate with factors that are traditional, strong, elegant and lady-like! And that is exactly what we need. While being a bit generous with the shades on Color Palette is trending now, it is also important that we now and then peek into colors like bold red and green combinations that never run into an 'out-off-fashion' zone. To be honest, these colors add all the right vibes at a Wedding Celebration. In the middle of the most trending shades, adding a hint of traditional bold colors have got their own perks. We have 5 stunningly gorgeous brides totally making heads turn with a touch of Red and Green to their wedding attire.

1. Could there be another level of 'divine' to the eyes?


2. With the kind of colors that sets a whole new level of 'love' for traditional shades.


3. A perfect blend of trendy shades with traditional colors is a good trick.


4. Who said traditionally strong colors can't be trendy? Just add in intricate details on the blouse and jewellery and you're good to go!


5. One thing with red and green is that, these shades sit well with any bride and jewellery. But as if that's not enough, it also gives a 'Royal' look!


Ready to make heads turn with a quick hint traditional amidst 'trends'?