Hangout In Coimbatore - A Couple Shoot At 8 Popular Spots In The City

Hangout In Coimbatore - A Couple Shoot At 8 Popular Spots In The City

A couple who decided to have their coupleshoot at places they've hung out and travelled through in Coimbatore. Yes. how innovative is that? Re-visiting those very important places in the present with glimpses from the past where they met, shopped for the wedding and had conversations over the wedding, with such wide smiles and happy hearts. The four-day long shoot by @mystic-studios# involves eight of the couple's favourite places such as Sharadhambal temple, Brooke fields mall, Lovely cards, Tota Ram, Kirtilals, Shree Devi, Va Pho and Kuchi n Kream. Let's hear it from them about why they chose each place and yes, Coimbatore folks, time to take notes! :)


1. Sharadhambal Temple:

The very famous temple which is located at Race Course and is known for many weddings happening here. The first meeting for this couple was at this temple and fortunately, their wedding also happened in the same temple.

2. Brookefields Mall:
The biggest mall in Coimbatore until Prozone opened recently. They shared many important moments here like shopping, enjoying an ice cream or food at McDonald’s, or the very famous musical corn. Needless to mention, the movies they watched here. (We didn’t get permission to shoot in SPICINEMAS).

3. Lovely Cards:

One of the famous wedding-card makers in Coimbatore. Known for their creative card-making, Lovely Cards was the couple’s only choice when it came to their wedding card.

4. Cafe Tota Ram:

The unique cafe located in Race Course, commonly known for its beautiful ambience and mouth-watering food. Piri Piri Mushroom Pizza and Caramel Custard named Lakshmi Devi was their all time favourite at this cafe. We absolutely loved the new interiors of this Cafe and this was always the couple’s first choice for a quick meet-up.

5. Kirtilals:
The one-stop shop for diamond bridal jewellery which is located on Cross Cut Road, Coimbatore. Kirtilals is known for their unique diamond jewellery designs. Being the family’s favourite shop, all the bridal diamonds was bought at Kirtilals.

6. Shree Devi:

Known for its hospitality and customer relationship, Shree Devi Textiles stands with the top names for its silk sarees. We had a great time shooting the couple here and as you can probably guess, Keerthika did not miss a chance to shop for new sarees after the shoot :).

7. Va Pho:

The newly opened restaurant in Race Course, famous for its oriental cuisines also has a colourful and vibrant interior – an absolute bliss for photographers. Hence we planned to do few posed shots while the couple enjoyed some of their favourite dishes there.

8. Kuchi n Kream:
One of the coolest places to hangout in Coimbatore. With its fine-tuned menu and nitrogen ice cream experience, Kuchi n Kream tops the list of favourites for its interesting cake and dessert menu. Red velvet cake, Vathalagundu cooler and liquid nitrogen ice cream are the couple’s top three in a long list of favorites there.