Naughty Kids And Their Inevitable Mischiefs At Weddings

Naughty Kids And Their Inevitable Mischiefs At Weddings

How often do we go to weddings and more than looking at the couple, we lose ourselves amidst the cuteness and naughty behavior of the kids that grace the occasion? We at Shopzters can never leave that out of the way since we are too much into cuteness and stuff! Now for a moment forget the kids being cute. Have you ever thought how bored they get at weddings with all the customs and other such articulates? They often get distracted and can never sit in one place for sure. More than being awed at their innocence we tend to laugh out loud, what say?

Here are some of the most innocent moments that we couldn't help but be awed at!

1. This little one's too bored so she is apparently pulling her grandmother to grab the bride's attention.

Shot by @kamal-kiran-photography#

2. This cute little angel who is excitedly draped in a saree is trying to make the bride smile as wide as her, maybe?!

Shot by @the-con-artists#

3.  This pretty bundle of joy is the most cutest thing that just melted our heart right away with her toothless smile!

Shot by 1Plus1 Studio

4. This high pony cutie is just so awed at something or is shocked apparently and is the cutest expression of the lot!

Shot by @the-con-artists#

5. With super cool aqua shaded eyewear, this cutie is giving a heavy competition to the bride we tell you!

Shot by @ashwin-kireet-photography#

6. This little guy apparently - "Hey! You guys really think you can leave me out of your selfies? I think NOT!"

Shot by @kamal-kiran-photography#

7. Oh wow! This pretty princess is shaken on receiving the most cutest kiss from the bride herself. 

Shot by @siraj-khan-photography#

8. This duo is the best we tell you. With the little one's belly showing, trendy and too cute kinda paavadai sattai, need we say that she is the cutest?

Shot by M S Videos

9. This little princess - "Yaaaaaaawwwwnnnnnn! How long are these rituals going to taaaakkkeeeee, yaawwnnnnnn?"

Shot by @stories-by-joseph-joe-radhik#

10. Our little photographer is in the frame now. Colour co-ordinated by the bride, this smart guy is operating a smartphone already! What a time to be alive!

Shot by @suman-chakri-photography#

11. While the wedding brigade's having a gala time, here is a little prince who just couldn't take the volume going up the hill!

Shot by @shot-stories-by-varun-suresh#

12. Here is the best of them all. When everything is all fun and frenzy, our little master is here, fast asleep, too tired from all the mischiefs he might have caused.

Shot by @alpheus#