The MOST Adorable Outfits for Dogs at Weddings!

The MOST Adorable Outfits for Dogs at Weddings!

Pets are man's best friends and we all share our highs and lows with our buddies. We have all seen our pets grow from being a tiny little blip to a loyal friend who wags his tail, rushing to the front door every time we come home! Even on the lowest of our days, their company makes us feel a whole lot better. We all share a bond like no other with our pets so it is only natural for us to want to share our BIG day with them too! But, our four-legged buddies aren't allowed at most weddings because of the various venue restrictions. Thankfully, nowadays, owners and venues are making weddings pet-friendly and sometimes even the invites are handed out, asking the guests to bring their pets to the wedding! 

And well, our pawed cuties only make for the BEST candid photographs shot at weddings! So it's only natural that we dress them up in their best attire! Sometimes, it's gowns, tuxedos, waistcoats, a lehenga even! Scroll down to see the most adorable photos of the Bride and Groom tribe with our four-legged friends!


This doggo is more outfit coordinated with the bride than the groom himself, we bet!

This adorable Tutu is the stuff of dreams! All that fluff for this Pom-beauty! 

We cannot take our eyes off this adorable brocade Sherwani for our friend here!  

This gorgeous lady here is the perfect bridesmaid for our beautiful bride!  

Never have we seen more handsome hunks as groomsmen!


Only the most delicate Cashemere sweater for this furry beauty, perfectly in sync with our bride!


How handsome are our groomsmen with their patterned tees? Woof woof! 

Crisp, smart and handsome as hell! These doggos have our heart! Look how happy they look!  

"Can you get married already? I am bored, I wanna play fetch!"


Look at this gorgeous doggo bride and groom! This is literally doggy heaven!