The Most Creative Ways to Display Your Wedding Hashtags!

The Most Creative Ways to Display Your Wedding Hashtags!

In this age of social media, every bride and groom want to flaunt their big day on social media platforms! In reality, photographers cannot cover every smile, twitch or emotion and that’s where wedding hashtags come in handy. The guests make the perfect personal paparazzi and you can view your pictures in real-time! It is important to display such significant hashtags in the most prominent and eye-catching places. Here are a few creative places where you can display them!


Be creative and flaunt your wedding hashtag in your ensemble be it a pretty embroidery on your blouse or at the cuff of the groom’s shirt!



#Food and Dining area

The most traffic in any wedding may not even be the stage but most definitely the dining area. Displaying quirky hashtags in the bar stall, place settings or in the food itself is a great place to show off your hashtag! It is upbeat to read a cute hashtag in the stirrer of your drink.


#Incorporating the hashtag in the décor

It is a good idea to incorporate and display your wedding hashtag in the décor- be it on the lawn or the entrance gallery steps. Another cute idea is to make a colourful display of your hashtag on the stage or the wedding couple seating area.


It is very cute to see the bride and groom inked with their names or wedding slogans in their mehendi. It provides a good photo opportunity too!


Flaunt your wedding hashtags in all the pictures that will be shot in the colourful photo frames and photo booths you display at your venue.


The best place to show off your hashtag would be the poolside when the ceremony is held as a pool party or a dinner by the pool.