The Most Spectacular Floral Twists for Your Hair Buns!

The Most Spectacular Floral Twists for Your Hair Buns!

Flowers have always been a beautiful accessory but even more attractive when intertwined with hair buns! Buns are also fuss-free and you can dance your way into the night without worrying about your hair getting caught in your sequined ghagra or the sheer weight pulling you down. The floral accessories add just the right pop of colour for your outfit, whether you’re the bride or a guest at the wedding and can definitely add the much-needed oomph for a grand occasion. These floral accessories are not just aesthetically pleasing, but the fresh flowers’ fragrance is breathtaking quite literally and is a wave of freshness and positivity! Floral hair accessories can be well coordinated with your outfit, be it marigold, chrysanthemum, lilies, orchids and so many other exotic varieties of flora! But the trend right now is to flaunt hair interspersed with delicate pods of Baby’s breath. It adds just the right touch of femininity and is taking over the Indian wedding scene now!

We, at Shopzters have compiled some of the best hairstyles with floral accessories that we have come across. Swipe up and check them all out now!


1. Roses, roses, roses! 

Roses always have such an old-world English charm to them and can easily adapt to any outfit! They look charming against our Indian hair and skin tones and literally pull the look together. They also add considerable volume to one's hair, for added drama! You can either do a look with just roses or intersperse it with pods of baby's breath. The possibilities are endless.


2. More Mogra, please?

We honestly just cannot get enough of our native Indian Malli poo/ mogra! What's readily available in our very backyard makes for the most elegant and stunning accessory for hair buns and braids! These can be patterned differently according to the requirement and the outcome is absolutely breathtaking! A simple single string around your bun or woven into your plait, then secured into a bun, you can never go wrong with this one!


3. Whatever glitters is GOLD!

These customised hair accessories are all the rage because they add just the right dab of glitter onto your look. So, going for an evening look? This is what you need! These come in a variety of shapes, and sizes, some resembling real flowers and the others, just for the glitter factor!