This Tiny Boutique In Coimbatore Is Here To Empower Your Style

This Tiny Boutique In Coimbatore Is Here To Empower Your Style

Not all boutiques have perfectly happy customers walking out of their doors , even if they do, not all boutiques are very satisfied with what they do .Well , here is a boutique that owns both . Being in the market for more than a decade @deetya#, Coimbatore has been one of the top picks amongst the classy customers.  

The sole proprietor and designer of Deetya, Mrs. Rama has been doing an excellent job in making the customers happy with what she loves to do.

When we asked her to take us on a rewind, she said Deetya has been her passionate dream. It started small with a small counter in a tailoring store and turned out to have an appreciable response over 2 years of time. With a good client base and passionate hard work, Deetya became a tiny store for itself in the heart of the Coimbatore city (R.S.puram) .

Mrs. Rama also mentioned that most of early customers were men who co-incidentally see and visit the store, bringing their wife later to take a look. Slowly and steadily with a great team and an eye for getting the customer into the best, Deetya has been rocking the market for long.

Deetya deals with high quality sarees, dress materials, fabrics all sourced from their origins. There has been no place for sacrifice in quality as it has been their trump card in the market. Deetya excels in hand made embroidery work done by the artists of the north who had been doing this work to perfection since ages.

Deetya also has started its tailoring services and had been getting a huge positive response for the same. The designer again mentioned as far as tailoring is concerned, we never compromise on the fit. Once a customer walks in , it is our responsibility to get her walking out of that door with satisfaction and a huge smile.

There we go ladies, one stop for all. Step into Deetya and empower your style.